Create the solid foundation your kindergartener needs to gain learning confidence and thrive as a young student.

This complete 9-month, week-by-week curriculum can be printed and used right away. It was created for active kids and busy moms who don’t have time to plan each day to make sure the key kindergarten learning concepts are covered.


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No Prep Kindergarten Curriculum

Capture your kindergartener’s attention with engaging, done-for-you lessons, inspiring worksheets, and hands-on activities.

I’m so happy to have a solid plan completed for me. Not only is it easy to follow, but my daughter loves the worksheets and activities. We both look forward to starting our learning block of time every day!

– Susan J.

Your Child Will Learn:

  • Uppercase letter recognition
  • Lowercase letter recognition
  • Writing words
  • Writing simple sentences
  • Letter and sound association
  • Counting 0 to 100
  • Sight Words
  • Simple addition
  • Simple subtraction
  • Simple algebra
  • Volume and capacity
  • Patterns and sequencing
  • 5 Senses
  • Weather
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Pencil control
  • Shapes 2D
  • Longer and shorter
  • Object comparison heavier and lighter
  • Much more!

The No Prep Kindergarten Curriculum includes over 1200 ready-to-print resources, each strategically prepped and prepared to match the concept being taught! Watch the video below to see what’s inside!

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Each month of the No Prep Kindergarten Curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Reading & Literacy
  • Writing & Grammar
  • Math
  • Enrichment
  • Science, Social Studies, and Art combinations
  • Critical Thinking Skills

The 9-month curriculum is broken down:

  • Month by month
  • Week by week
  • Subject by subject
  • Activity by activity

Detailed directions on how to use the curriculum to get the best learning results:

  • The key concepts for each subject
  • Ways to expand critical thinking skills for each lesson
  • How to overcome frustration if your child gets hung up on a concept
  • Ideas to expand knowledge for every subject in daily living

Breakdown of each month:

  • Month 1: 122 pages
  • Month 2: 142 pages
  • Month 3: 108 pages
  • Month 4: 114 pages
  • Month 5: 162 pages
  • Month 6: 103 pages
  • Month 7: 103 pages
  • Month 8: 110 pages
  • Month 9: 142 pages
  • Over 1200 strategically planned worksheets, workbooks, and hands-on activities

Enrichment, Science, Art, and Social Studies activities:

  • Crayon Measurements
  • Mystery Color by Sight Word
  • Happy Monster Playdough Mats Full Set
  • Rocket and Shape Tangrams
  • 5 Senses Unit
  • Popsicle Stick Shapes and Patterns
  • Caterpillar Alphabet
  • Cherry Cupcake Alphabet Cut and Paste
  • Around the House Unit
  • Lifecycle of an Apple Tree
  • All About Mammals Unit
  • Lego Alphabet Build
  • Fruit Counting and Tracing
  • Let’s Go to the Farm Unit
  • Many More!

Do you ever find yourself thinking…

I don’t know where to begin.

You try to put together lessons that make sense and are in the correct order for kindergarten learning, but you just get confused with conflicting information.

I don’t have any time!

You’re busy, like all moms, and feel overwhelmed when trying to create your lesson plans and then still have to find the resources to go with the plans. We got you covered, mama!

I don’t know where to get the right resources!

I find all kinds of resources online, but I don’t know which ones I need that will teach my child what is necessary to stay on track for 1st grade.

If any of these situations sound like you, the no prep kindergarten curriculum is the answer to regaining your time and confidence, knowing you’re preparing your child for a solid educational future.

Simply print and start teaching with this complete 9-month, week-by-week curriculum, strategically created for the active child and the busy mom who struggles to find time to plan each day to ensure the essential principles are covered.

What Others Are Saying

I was at a total loss for where to start with my child. Every time I tried to find information, I got more confused. Then I found this curriculum and it is laid out week by week. What a Godsend it’s been!

Lynda S.

I wish I had this curriculum with my first child! I wasted hundreds of dollars trying to find a curriculum just like this. I’m so excited to get it right with my second child!

– Antonia R.

It was a bit scary buying a digital curriculum but wow! I am so glad I took the chance and gave it a try! Your directions are so easy to follow and the activities cover exactly what I need to teach my child.

Joy H.

I’m having so much fun teaching my child! These activities have so much variety my daughter never gets bored! Thank you for creating this. I’m so glad I found it!

– Renee’ A.

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Month 1 Overview

  • Find the Way to the Zoo Kangaroo Maze
  • Count and Trace with Your Fingers
  • Learning with Alphabet Playdough Mats
  • What’s the Weather
  • Words that Start with A-G
  • Fall Bingo and Memory Game
  • I Can Draw a Square
  • Practice Writing School Words
  • Count to Five Using Your Fingers
  • Square, Circle, and Triangle Matching
  • Bee Color by Number
  • Build the Letter H Using Playdough
  • Let’s Color the Month of September
  • 119 pages of activities in month 1

Month 6 Enrichment: In the Garden

  • In the Garden Patterns
  • In the Garden Math Symbols
  • What Grows in the Garden
  • In the Garden Scavenger Hunt
  • Garden Tall and Short Vegetables
  • In the Garden Coloring
  • Fruits in the Garden Counting
  • In the Garden Bug Graphing
  • In the Garden Letter Sounds
  • In the Garden Color by Number
  • In My Garden Vocabulary
  • Grow My Own Garden Tracker
  • And More!

Would you like to see a quick preview of the entire curriculum and all the activities? Watch the video above!!

As a mom myself, plus a lifelong teacher, school counselor, and university professor, I spent my professional life creating and critiquing curriculums, while working beside thousands of young learners and their dads and moms.

I created this curriculum using my 30+ years of experience as a professional educator with busy moms in mind. I get it! You want to be spending time with your child, not searching endless hours trying to figure out what they need to learn in kindergarten to give them a solid learning foundation!

That’s why I did the hard work for you! In less than half an hour a day, you can teach your kindergartner what they need for a comprehensive foundation to be ready for first grade.

Simply follow the plan, have fun, and enjoy the journey!

Do I have to start at a specific time or month?

No! You can start teaching the concepts any time of the year! Just print and start!

I have a kindergarten curriculum I’m currently using. Would this one still help me?

Yes! The resources in my curriculum can be used with any curriculum as additional supplements! Just pull out the 1200+ activities included and use them alongside your current curriculum!

How long do I get access to the curriculum and activities?

How does a lifetime sound? You can access the No-Prep Kindergarten Curriculum as many times as you want to, and use it with as many children as you have in your family as they are ready for it. We ask that you do not share it with others outside your family, but we encourage you to share our link so they can purchase their own and get the same value as you get!

Is the No Prep Kindergarten Curriculum just for schools or teachers?

Absolutely not! The educational resources in this bundle are perfect for homeschool families that are ready for a kindergarten curriculum for their child or need supplemental resources for their current curriculum. It is also great for moms/dads/grandparents/aunts/uncles that like to spend time with their littles doing fun activities outside of school!

Will I get anything in the mail or shipped to me?

No, you will not. This is a digital product so it is ready to download immediately after you purchase it. No waiting, just start learning and having fun together immediately!

Do I need any special supplies?

You just need normal school supplies such as pens, pencils, colors, and scissors. There are activities that include playdough, legos, and popsicle sticks.

Is the No Prep Kindergarten Curriculum just for homeschooled families?

Absolutely not! The educational resources in this bundle are great for teachers to use as extra classroom resources and other moms/dads/grandparents/aunts/uncles that like to spend time with their littles doing fun activities outside of school!

What is the refund policy?

First, I doubt you will want to return the curriculum! It is loved by our customers! However, because the product is available immediately and you get full lifetime access to it and no restrictions on the number of times you can print each activity, refunds are not available. If you are having trouble using the resources, please reach out to our help team!

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