Simplicity is possible. Even with the fast-paced life of a mom.

Living simply is just around the corner!

Do you love being a mom but often feel overwhelmed and like you need to be more intentional with your time but aren’t sure how?

Smart Mom HQ is the place to hang out if you are looking for time-saving household tips, fun family activities, clever money hacks, and premium learning resources to build a strong educational foundation for your child.

Everything busy parents need in 2023.

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The perfect way to be simply intentional with family time.

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We keep it simple
home life home page mom and daughter sitting on kitchen floor folding clothes

Home Life

Organize your home and digital life, simplify meals and snacks, time-saving tips, healthy living, and more

kids and learning home page mom and daughter working on homework sitting at table

Kids & Learning

Free activities and coloring pages, how to teach specific concepts, curriculum reviews, and more

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Tips to save money, make money from home, answers to most asked money questions, and more

home page mom working on budget with ledger and calculator

Start a Budget

Step-by-step plan to start a budget and specific tips to follow to stay on track and simplify the budgeting process

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premium Learning Resources

Top-quality educational activities designed by Dr. Tawna Schmidt to build a strong learning foundation for your child

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Free coloring pages, printable learning materials, planners, budget tracking sheets, and more

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Scavenger Hunts you will get:

  • Things in the Bathroom
  • Nature Walk Hunt
  • Things in the Kitchen
  • Backyard
  • School Supplies
  • Inside/Outside Colors
  • Things in the Bedroom
  • BBQ
  • First Day of School
  • Things in the Living Room
  • Hunt in the Woods
  • Road Trip
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