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Dr. Tawna Schmidt
Creator, Smart Mom HQ

Hi! I’m Tawna . . .

I’m thrilled you’re here! Thank you for stopping by my little corner of the internet!

I’m excited to share my greatest passion with you – helping moms thrive through the amazing journey of motherhood!

As a mom, I often felt alone through the struggles and triumphs because I was buried in wiping noses (and bottoms!), planning snacks and sack lunches, and scheduling my children’s parent-teacher conferences around my student’s conferences.

I am a mom at heart, an educator by profession.

I have also started several 6-figure businesses along the way.

No matter what role I was in, creating balance was the most important aspect to keep my family happy and thriving.

If you’re struggling with the journey, you’re not alone!

It is filled with incredible rewards and lots of trial and error in-between!

Throughout my 30+ years as an educator, I had the opportunity to serve thousands of wonderful families, and help just as many moms through the ups and downs of life with their littles.

This was especially true during my years as a school counselor.

As you browse through the Smart Mom HQ printables store, you will find activities for your child that shares my knowledge as a child development expert.

You will also find printables to help you create balance in your home environment. In the midst of a super crazy-busy schedule, the best way to reduce stress and create balance is to establish solid routines, plan ahead, and make every day intentional.

I’m glad you’re here!

Dr. Tawna Schmidt

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