About Smart Mom HQ

Credit was introduced to me in my early college days, the same as it is to most teenagers just going out on their own. It felt so awesome to carry around a plastic card with my name on it and use it to pay for everything like I was a real grownup.

As time went on, creditors were knocking on my door to give me a second, then the third card. Of course, I accepted.

After all, why wouldn’t I?

Years down the road, I had to learn my lessons the hard way why I shouldn’t have said ‘yes’ to all those creditors.

First I could pay the balance off each month, then the next thing I knew I was making minimum payments and actually paying more in interest than to the principal most months.

It took me years to get my act together and figure out how to get off the stressful financial roller coaster.

I started with empowering myself with real-life knowledge on top of putting to use the information I gained from being a high school economics teacher.

Smart Mom HQ is an unbiased knowledge center designed to answer your questions about money in general so you can turn around your financial situation or get answers to the burning financial questions on your mind.

You can get off the financial roller coaster if it is something you really want bad enough.

The real question is, “Are you willing to do what it takes to make it happen?”

About Dr. Tawna Schmidt

Hi, I’m Tawna Schmidt, credit expert, prior economics (and other subjects) high school teacher, and university professor.

Struggling with my credit score was part of my everyday life for many years.

I launched Smart Mom HQ to help readers make better decisions about their money, their credit, and to teach them how to take control of their finances and more importantly, their financial future.

It is my personal mission to spread the word about simple ways to enjoy life without putting you or your family in a financial bind. It is possible!

The information you find on Smart Mom HQ is unbiased and provided to grow your knowledge about money so you can make the best decisions that suit your personal situation.

How We Make Money

The interests of our readers, you, are our number 1 priority at Smart Mom HQ.

Smart Mom HQ makes money by partnering with advertisers that share our vision for helping people make wise money decisions. We do the research for you and share opportunities and recommend products and services that will help you financially depending on your personal situation.

Not every product or service is right for every person.

For this reason, we provide all the unbiased information so you are able to make a decision if it fits your needs. If you decide to sign up for a service or product you find on Smart Mom HQ, we may earn a commission from our partners.

Our Editorial Standards

Smart Mom HQ works with writers who are established credit experts in the field of personal finance, whether it be self-taught or degree-based. We are in agreement on the importance of offering unbiased information that is fully research-based.

We pride ourselves on the importance of writing each article in simple to understand and easy-to-read verbiage so the reader does not leave our website without gaining valuable, understandable information.

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Smart Mom HQ values your privacy. It is taken seriously, and we will never sell your data or personal information to anyone.

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