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Tawna Schmidt, BS, MAEd, EDD

Meet the creator of Smart Mom HQ

Dr. Tawna Schmidt has made being a mom the top priority in her life for over 30 years! It is not an easy job, but the rewards are endless and the payoff is never-ending.

She has also been a lifelong learner herself and appreciates the learning process.

Balancing family life with a career is anything but simple. However, there are specific tasks that can be simplified to limit the overwhelm and frustration that can mount with a growing family.

From an educational aspect, including premium learning resources that are free or very affordable was always on the Smart Mom HQ roadmap.

As a lifelong learner herself Dr. Tawna Schmidt appreciates the learning process and the importance of creating a strong foundation in the early years.

Moms play a vital role in this process.

Her early career in education started as a high school social studies and language arts teacher. Upon earning her master’s degree in school counseling, she branched into the role of a school counselor for students from Pre-K through high school.

Earning her doctorate degree in education advanced her career further in the world of post-secondary education as a university professor. During her time in this role, Dr. Schmidt spent numerous hours each week observing and evaluating student teachers in their classrooms, as well as teaching education courses on classroom management, curriculum and instruction, and other education-oriented courses.

For this reason, you will find reviews of homeschool curriculums and similar types of information to use as you grow your family’s learning foundation.

Smart Mom HQ has been in the works for many years with a long roadmap that focuses on top-quality educational resources for children and tips to simplify life as a mom.

Being a mom is the most rewarding ‘job’ on earth. However, it can feel overwhelming at times and we’re here to provide ideas to offer support.

The team at Smart Mom HQ is excited for you to join us on this exhilarating journey of mom-hood and how it intertwines with the areas in your life of money, family, learning, and more!

Our Purpose

Parenting can be one of the most rewarding experiences, but it can also be overwhelming – especially for mothers.

Our mission is to support moms and help them keep life simple and fun! We strive to offer tips and resources that will allow moms to spend less time searching for answers, leaving more time to spend quality time with their families.

As a mother myself, I understand how valuable it is to have that support and understanding from other like-minded individuals. That’s why it is a serious commitment to making sure no mom feels alone on this journey.

Whether you are looking for tips to keep your cooking or cleaning simple, or activities to build a strong learning foundation for your child, you are in the right place!

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What We Do

Smart Mom HQ is a safe place you can get ideas, tips, and tricks on simplifying daily life as a mom.

You will also love the free printables to download for your littles, as well as the upgraded learning resources created with the experience and knowledge I gained over 30+ years of teaching and being a mom myself.

So come on in and join the fun! Learning has never been this exciting!

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How We Make Money

The interests of our readers, you, are the number 1 priority at Smart Mom HQ.

Smart Mom HQ makes money by partnering with advertisers that share our vision for helping people make wise money decisions. We do the research for you, share opportunities, and recommend products and services that will help you financially depending on your personal situation.

Not every product or service is right for every person.

For this reason, unbiased information is provided so you can decide if it fits your needs. If you decide to sign up for a service or product you find on Smart Mom HQ, we may earn a commission from our partners.

Our Editorial Standards

Smart Mom HQ works with writers who have established themselves as credible experts in the field of education, personal finance, and the other topics discussed whether it be self-taught or degree-based. We are in agreement on the importance of offering unbiased information that is fully research-based.

We pride ourselves on the importance of writing each article in simple language so it is simple to understand and easy to read. The goal is for each reader to gain the information they need before leaving the Smart Mom HQ website.

Your Privacy

Smart Mom HQ values your privacy. It is taken seriously, and your data or personal information will never be sold or given away to anyone.

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