Micro Center Price Match Guidelines for 2023

Micro Center offers a price match guarantee policy as long as specific guidelines and procedures are followed. Some items are excluded from price matching, such as refurbished, clearance, open-box, or out-of-stock items. The item has to be an exact match for price-matching to qualify as well as meet other requirements.

What You Need to Know

Micro Center will price match if specific guidelines are followed. A couple of important factors include:
> The model number must be an exact match
> The item must be in stock at the closest retailer near the Micro Center location or in stock and ready to ship if online.
>If items are on sale, refurbished, or considered open box, just to mention a few, they are not eligible for the price match program.
micro center price match at local store
Does Micro Center Price Match Their Competitors?

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Curious if there is a Micro Center Price Match Policy?

Yes, Micro Center will price match and the following information will give you the details you need to follow.

Why not save some money while shopping at a technology superstore loaded with items like computers, electronics, and electronics parts?

If you haven’t shopped at Micro Center before, they are a favorite for computer and electronic enthusiasts because of their vast inventory both in stores and online, as well as advertising they offer a lower price on items over their competition.

If you are already a Micro Center shopper, understanding how their price matching policy and procedure works could save you some money on your next shopping trip.

They have centers located in the Midwest and along the East Coast.

Their competitor prices typically go up against Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg, Office Depot, and stores that don’t specialize in computers and electronics but sell them such as Sam’s Club, Target, and Walmart.

How competitive is Micro Center with its pricing compared to other stores?

When they don’t have the best price, they offer the option of a price match, which is covered extensively in this post.

However, there are specific guidelines to follow.

Read on and you will know the exact process to save some of your hard-earned cash if you become a user of this money-saving option.

Micro Center Price Matching Exclusions

There are some circumstances that Micro Center excludes from their price guarantee.

These attributes include the following conditions:

  • Clearance items
  • Off-lease items
  • Refurbished items
  • Competitor’s coupons and promotions
  • Open-box items
  • Mail-in rebates
  • Out-of-stock items
  • Special and time-limited sales such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Amazon Prime Day

If you have never been to a Micro Center store and are considering making the leap to try it out, the following video will give you a quick rundown of what to expect!

Walk-through of a Micro Center store

How does the price match work?

Micro Center offers price matching against most major retailers and manufacturer websites.

However, specific prerequisites must be followed to determine if price matching is available for your specific item.

Prerequisites for price matching include:

  • The model number and/or UPC number must match the competitor’s list exactly
  • If the price match is with a brick & mortar retailer, the item must be in stock at their closest location to the customer’s local Micro Center
  • If the price match is with an online retailer, it must be available to ship immediately
    • The item must be sold and shipped by the competitor directly with no third party involved in the shipment

If the item you find meets the price match policy requirements mentioned above, you will need the following details to take with you to your local store:

  1. The competitor’s website shows the model number is an identical match
  2. Proof the product is in stock
  3. If the competing retailer is located in your area, contact them to ensure the item is immediately available for pickup. I recommend getting the name of the person you talk to.
    • If the competitor with the lower cost has the product online, you need proof the item is available and ready to ship immediately, and that it will be delivered directly from the original retailer with no third party involved

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Buy One Get One Free (B1G1) Price Match

This type of sale is more difficult for the original purchase because it’s not as easy to get proof of the exact cost. It is considered an instant discount which is considered a gray area that may require assistance from the store manager when you contact Micro Center to ask if they will honor the competitor’s price.

Typically, Microcenter will honor a Buy One, Get One Free deal if both products are identical in color, size, condition, and quantity.

The customer requesting the price match must provide proof with details including both items are in stock at the other retailer.

Who does Micro Center price match?

Micro Center offers a price guarantee against almost all major retail stores and manufacturer websites.

The following list includes the most common competing retailers. If the store you want to compare is not on the list, don’t rule it out.

Keep in mind the brands they carry can change based on availability, changes in the company that owns a brand, and other factors.

Check with the store in your community for a complete list or contact the Micro Center store manager with the store information.

Brands at Micro Center

  • Acer.com
  • Amazon.com
  • Apple.com and Apple Store
  • Asus.com
  • Belkin.com
  • Best Buy and Bestbuy.com
  • BOSE.com
  • Brother.com
  • Canon.com
  • Costco and Costco.com
  • Creative.com
  • Crucial.com
  • Dell.com
  • Gamestop and Gamestop.com
  • HP.com
  • IOMagic.com
  • JBL.com
  • Kmart and Kmart.com
  • Lenovo.com
  • LG.com
  • Logitech.com
  • Macsales.com
  • Magicjack.com
  • Meijer and Meijer.com
  • Microsoft.com and Microsoft store
  • Netgear.com
  • Newegg.com
  • Office Depot and Officedepot.com
  • Office Max and Officemax.com
  • Sam’s Club and samsclub.com
  • Samsung.com
  • Sears and Sears.com
  • Staples and Staples.com
  • Target and Target.com
  • Walmart and Walmart.com
brands that are sold at micro center
examples of how to use the micro center price match offer
How to complete a price match at Micro Center

Micro Center Products and Prices

Micro Center has a solid reputation for offering the lowest prices in the market for many of its products.

Some of the products Micro Center carries:

  • Apple products
  • PC products
  • Monitors
  • Laptops
  • Computer Accessories
  • Video cards
  • Processors
  • SSDs and hard drives
  • Motherboards
  • Memory
  • Air and water cooling
  • Tablets
  • TVs
  • Retro gaming

How to Price Compare to Save Money

The internet has made it quick and easy to view the cost of items at independent retailers.

You always have the option to go to each individual website to check the competitor’s price and find the certain criteria you need for the product.

However, there are other options that will save you time because you can compare the major retailer prices of the item all in one place.

  • price.com (a chrome extension)
  • pricegrabber.com
  • pricepirates.com
  • shopsavvy.com
  • shopping.com
  • scanlife.com
  • bizrate.com
  • camelcamelcamel.com (price compare Amazon listings)

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Is there a Micro Center close to you?

Micro Center has 25 locations. Do a quick search to see if there is a location close to you:

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Micro Center Price Match FAQ

Does Micro Center price match Amazon?

Micro Center will price match Amazon if all the qualifications are met. One important thing to take note of is the company shipping the item. Keep in mind third party companies are not allowed for a Micro Center price match.

Does Micro Center price match Newegg?

If all price match criteria are met, Micro Center will price match Newegg.

Does Micro Center price match Best Buy?

Check all the documentation to be sure the Micro Center price match guidelines are met. If so, Micro Center will price match Best Buy.

Does Micro Center price match Costco?

If all price match criteria are met, Micro Center will price match Costco.

Does Micro Center price match Sam’s Club?

Yes, if the requirements are met and proper documentation is provided.

Does Micro Center price match online?

To price-match an online product, the item must be in stock and ready to ship by the retailer (third-party shipping is not allowed.) If this and the other specific guidelines are met, comparison shopping online is fine.

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Does Micro Center price match GPUs?

Yes, if the GPU model number is identical and matches their in-store model. Also, the other price match policy requirements are met.

Does anyone price match Micro Center?

Each store has its own price match guidelines. To find out if other stores will price match Micro Center, you would need to check their policy.

Does Micro Center have a price guarantee?

Micro Center stores offer price matching of major retailer competitors. If you find a lower price being sold at a competing retailer the price match policy applies.

If you cannot find specific information about your purchase, the Micro Center support team or a store manager can answer questions.

Does Micro Center price match deals?

If an item is already on a special deal at Micro Center, it probably does not qualify for the price match program. Such items include those on a clearance sale, off-lease, refurbished, open-box, and out-of-stock items, just to mention a few.

However, the store manager can answer any questions and let you know if a specific item can be price-matched.

Does Micro Center price match after you make a purchase?

In most cases, a price match after the purchase has been finalized is not possible. One option is to talk to the store manager, request a return of the product, and repurchase it at the reduced comparison price.

Key Takeaways

Micro Center is undoubtedly a top competitor for the person who is shopping for a computer or electronics item.

If you prefer to keep your business with Micro Center but want to get the best deal, they offer price matching.

This is a great option so you can pay less and save yourself some money, plus it is a win-win for both parties.

Simply pick out your item, review the websites or sales flyers from other stores for the item you have your eye on to see if it is cheaper, then follow the steps to make your in-store purchase at Micro Center and pay the lower cost.

An important fact to remember is just because you see an item on a website, like Sams’s Club or Amazon, for example, does not mean they are the seller and shipper.

For a product with a better price to qualify for the Micro Center price match, it must be sold and shipped directly from the competing store location.

You’re ready to go home and enjoy your new item!

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