Does Home Depot take Apple Pay?

If you love the convenience and contactless option of using Apple Pay when you go shopping, you will need to look elsewhere when you’re ready to make a purchase at Home Depot. In 2012 they gained the first brick and mortar retail partnership ever with PayPal, which appears to be the top reason Apple Pay is still not available despite their customers wanting it as a payment option.

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What You Need to Know

Searching for an answer to, “Does Home Depot take Apple Pay?

The short answer is no, Home Depot stores do not take Apple Pay as an accepted form of payment.

As of now, there is not a timeline available if or when this retailer will add Apple Pay to their payment options.

Home Depot does offer other options for contactless shopping:

  • Curbside pickup: Place your order on their app or website, then select curbside pickup at your local store when you checkout
  • Home delivery: Place your order on their app or website, then select home delivery when you checkout
  • An additional charge for this service will be added to your order, with the typical fee being $75 plus an additional $20 fee if you want to choose a specific delivery time
  • Shop on the store website
  • Utilize the Home Depot app

Does Home Depot take Apple Pay?

apple pay logo on computerApple Pay is a convenient and all-encompassing payment option across America and with over half of smartphone owners using iPhones this number cannot go unnoticed with retailers.

Contactless payment services are already accepted as a payment option by many stores like Macy’s, Best Buy, and Petco, pharmacy chains like Walgreens, grocery stores such as Trader Joe’s, and food establishments such as Subway and McDonald’s.

But as of 2021, Home Depot Stores do not support Apple Pay which means it is not offered as an option for payment to their customers.

However, if a digital wallet is what the customer wants they accept Paypal to purchase items on the Home Depot website, with Home Depot’s app, or when checking out at a local store using their smartphone or physical card from Paypal.

While many people in the United States and throughout the world are switching to contactless payments for the benefits of security, cleanliness, and convenience, other retailers, such as the Home Depot store, have yet to make the switch.

If the customer doesn’t have cash or a physical card to make their transaction, regular Apple Pay customers may be upset when they get to the checkout of their local Home Depot store.


How do you know if a store accepts Apple Pay?

There’s a clever iPhone trick for finding out whether a business accepts Apple Pay using Apple Maps. Search for the store you’re interested in using the Apple Maps app, select the store you need information about, then look at the popup.

Look for the section titled ‘Useful to Know’. If Apple Pay is an accepted form of payment you will see the Apple Pay logo. If the logo is not present, the store does not take Apple Pay.

If there’s an Apple Pay logo under the ‘Useful to Know” section, the store accepts Apple Pay as a payment method. If there’s no logo, they don’t accept Apple Pay.

If you are in the store, look for the Apple Pay or NFC logo posted near the area of money exchange at the checkout counter.

Why doesn’t Home Depot accept Apple Pay?

Home Depot’s current refusal to accept Apple Pay is most likely connected to the company’s 2012 collaboration with PayPal, which may have put pressure on the company to delay the Apple Pay option.

It isn’t a secret that PayPal has been the leader in dominating financial transactions, with over 377 million users that generated almost $1 trillion in payment volume in 2020.

And just as impressive, these statistics happened over the course of their 15.4 billion transactions in the same year. [source]

Home Depot is the first retail establishment to sign a partnership with PayPal, therefore, it does not accept Apple Pay, considering they are direct competitors along with Square Cash App, Android Pay, and Google Pay.

Home Depot also appears to drive customers toward payment systems that generate more income for their company, such as the Home Depot credit card or the PayPal card, as shown by the lack of payment options available.

Another possible factor is technology: Apple Pay and other mobile payment systems rely on a method known as “near field communication (NFC),” which allows for contactless payments between mobile devices and chip credits via the pin pad.

Because NFC is such a new technology, many retailers have delayed installing the required NFC terminals.

However, what makes this more intriguing is that users have gone on record claiming to have used Apple Pay when they checked out at a Home Depot store.

NFC logo does home depot take apple pay

NFC Logo

Because NFC is such a new technology, many retailers have delayed installing the required NFC terminals.

However, what makes this more intriguing is that users have gone on record claiming to have used Apple Pay when they checked out at a Home Depot store.


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Has Home Depot ever accepted Apple Pay?

Although Home Depot has never officially claimed to have started and stopped accepting Apple Pay, multiple users have reported using it to complete transactions in 2015.

Home Depot made a statement in May 2015 that their 2000 retail locations would accept Apple Pay.

However, the representative for Home Depot never specified a precise timeline at the time of the announcement, making it difficult to know if, when, and where Apple Pay was being used within any of Home Depot’s retail locations.

Shortly after this article was published, Home Depot prohibited the use of Apple Pay online and at all its retail locations.

Since that time nothing has changed. Customers cannot use Apple Pay at Home Depot locations, thus transactions must be completed with a Home Depot gift card, their own consumer credit card or other credit cards, cash, or PayPal.

Given that Home Depot is likely to have the infrastructure to officially support Apple Pay, you might be wondering if the retail giant has any plans to bring it back to their brick and mortar stores or to make an online purchase.

Will Home Depot ever take Apple Pay in the future?

It does not appear that Apple Pay will be accepted as a payment method at Home Depot anytime soon, according to official comments.

A scan of various internet message forums suggests that Apple Pay compatibility is on the way, but this is without confirmation from a Home Depot spokesman so it is just speculation with no time frame attached.

While no official announcement of Apple Pay support has been made, there has been an increase in NFC support across retailers in the United States.

Many reasons exist for Home Depot to embrace more flexible money, including the growing number of customers that prefer using digital wallets, increased data security awareness, and the desire for contactless payments in light of the recent pandemic.

Also, competitors such as Ace Hardware take Apple Pay, which can give diehard users of Apple devices a reason to make the switch.


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Are there any other ways I can pay with my iPhone or smartphone at Home Depot?

blonde-haired elady looking at smart phone As of 2021, you won’t be able to use your phone to make purchases at Home Depot stores.

They do not support mobile payment methods such as Google Pay, Venmo, or Samsung Pay.

What types of payment does Home Depot accept?

The following payment methods are accepted for in-store purchases:

  • Visa cards
  • Mastercard
  • American Express cards
  • Discover cards
  • Home Depot Express Consumer Credit Card, Home Depot Commercial Credit Cards (PROX and CRC), debit cards, prepaid cards, personal checks, business checks, Home Depot gift cards, and cash.

For online and in-app purchases, the following methods of payment are accepted at Home Depot:

  • Visa cards
  • MasterCard
  • American Express cards
  • Discover cards
  • Home Depot Consumer Credit Card (Commercial Revolving Card, Consumer Credit Card, Project Loan, and Home Depot Commercial Account)
  • Debit cards


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How can I use PayPal at Home Depot?

paypal logo on iphoneBecause of their partnership, PayPal is easy and quick to use for Home Depot online purchases or in the store.

However, for in-store you must use the PayPal Cash Card, meaning the transaction is not contactless.

You may use this approach at automated kiosks or self-checkout lanes by simply entering your mobile number and PIN after you swipe your PayPal card.

Does Home Depot offer payment plans?

Yes, Home Depot offers credit card payment plans that may help you make a purchase.

You’ll get six months of 0% financing on personal purchases of $299 or more using Home Depot’s consumer and business credit cards.

You may also utilize a payment plan from Klarna or Zip, provided you are making a purchase online or using their app.

You may use this approach at automated kiosks or self-checkout lanes by simply entering your mobile number and PIN after you swipe your PayPal card.

Final thoughts: Does Home Depot take Apple Pay?

Home Depot does not support Apple Pay at local stores since they do not accept any mobile payment systems.

Apple Pay has been successfully used by customers in the past, but it has now been disabled.

This means sticking to the traditional modes of payment like cash, credit, or debit cards.

Customers should plan ahead and bring their credit and debit cards, Home Depot gift cards, Home Depot credit card, or cash to finalize their shopping trip at the checkout.

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