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Many cultures that believe in Feng Shui believe it is bad luck to put your purse on the floor because it shows disrespect to money, which is generally carried inside a purse. Showing this lack of respect for your money will cause you to lose it.

What You Need to Know

If you put your purse on the floor it is showing disrespect for money and wealth.
This superstitious belief started in China with Feng Shui and has traveled around the world to many other cultures.
The belief is that if you show a lack of respect to the things you own and money, you will not build wealth and may lose all the valuable belongings you own.
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Why is it Bad Luck to Put Your Purse on the Floor

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Why is it bad luck to put your purse on the ground?

What does it mean if you put your purse on the floor?

Is there a superstitious meaning behind such an action that is a sign of bad luck?

A popular belief is that women should never place their purse on the ground or let it touch the floor because doing so brings bad luck and will make them lose money.

Some people even fear placing their bag on the floor will make them lose their job.

Is there any truth to this or other lucky and unlucky money superstitions that have spread around the world?

It’s all about what you believe, but when it comes to building wealth I listen to what people have to say and then make my own choice!

Even if the superstition isn’t true, the floor is not the cleanest place to put your purse, especially because you will be touching it with your hands a lot when you pick it up.

It is also probably not the safest place to keep it in your control and in your sight, not to mention it is easy to walk off and forget it is there when you’re ready to leave!

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Purse on the floor money out the door

An old saying of the Chinese proverbs states, “A purse on the floor is money out the door.”

Feng Shui started in China and moved into many cultures of western civilizations.

It is ancient Chinese art believing that how you arrange your space, objects, and buildings in your environment is a sign of how much harmony, balance, peace, and prosperity you will have in your living area.

If there is harmony and balance in your home, there will be peace and prosperity, typically referenced as positive energy, in your family.

In other words, if you put dollars and coins on the floor, which are inside your purse, you will bring yourself bad luck and not build wealth.

The floor carries negative energy so you don’t want your valuable belongings there.

What does putting your purse on the floor mean?

Your purse holds the items you find valuable enough to carry with you when you go somewhere, such as cash.

The superstition that putting your purse on the floor is bad luck stems from the belief that by putting your bag on the ground, you are giving away your financial freedom because you are not respecting what it holds inside.

In other words, if you disrespect the bag you carry your money in, you will lose it based on your lack of respect for your own money.

Other people believe that by leaving their handbag on any surface, they will be giving away their power or control over money.

In this case, it could be a sign that something bad will happen if you don’t have control over your financial life.

Despite the common belief, some find it difficult to believe that this superstition is actually true. Some say that they always put their purse on the floor because of lack of space.

In any event, whether it is bad Feng Shui or not, the floor is one of the most unsanitary places you could put your purse. People walk on it and leave behind dirt from any place you can think of, and kids spill stuff all over it which is then ground into the dirt.

When you pick up your bag your hands are all over it, spreading the germs to everywhere around you.

If you don’t believe in superstition this is another avenue to think about next time you are out with friends and all of your start to place your purses on the floor!

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Where to Put Your Purse When You get Home

Where should you put your purse if you don’t put it on the floor?

Try to keep your bag at waist level or above is what the Chinese culture recommends.

When you go into the restroom, use a hook on the back of the bathroom door.

When you sit down to eat, hang it on the back of the chair where you are sitting.

When you are at home, hang it on a decorative wall hook So by the exterior door or on an over-the-door hook. 

If you want to stay true to living the Feng Shui Chinese proverb on money, hang your purse on the southeast side of your home, and keep this area clean and clutter-free.

This southeast side of your home symbolizes wealth, money, prosperity, and abundance.

Some believe that the bag must be placed on a table or counter instead, commenting that it’s a way to ‘keep the money in’ and prevent it from going out of your life.

However, there are those who strongly disagree with this superstition, saying that such action will result in losing more than just dollars and coins and important documents or other valuables.

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Other money superstitions

This isn’t the only money superstition that has been around for thousands of years.

Here are a few others you may not have heard about before:

1. Your left-hand itching

There is the superstition that if your left hand is itching, money will come to you soon.

One step further, don’t scratch the left palm itch or you will not receive the money.

However, some argue it is your right-hand itching that actually brings good luck and money to you!

You have to decide which superstition to believe, be it the left palm itching or the right palm itching!

2. A spider in your pocket means you will receive money

This money spider superstition was started in the United Kingdom possibly in the middle ages.

I remember my grandma telling me about it when I was a young girl.

The residents believed you would get lucky and bring wealth into your life if you caught a specific brown spider, and you would never lack money again.

3. Bird droppings bring good luck

In Turkey, if you get pooped on by a bird you are about to get more money.

The superstition even says you should buy a lottery ticket if this happens.

I’m not sure I believe in this superstition, but if it does happen to me I will probably test my luck and head for the lottery ticket sales counter that day!

4. When the clock strikes midnight on indicating the New Year, have cash in your hand

In Great Britain and other surrounding areas the residents believe if you don’t have money in your hand when the clock strikes 12, you will start the year at a net loss.

And you will be broke the entire year!

What should you keep in your purse for good luck?

Common items for the law of attraction with money are a silver coin, stones, a seashell, or brass objects.

What does it mean when you drop money on the floor?

This is the same Feng Shui as putting your purse on the ground.

If you drop money on the floor it shows a lack of respect for wealth and value for money, so you will not gain either.

Is it bad to put your bag on the floor?

If you place whatever is holding your money on the floor, you are disrespecting it and will lose it.

This superstition about bad luck coming to you when you put your purse on the floor is alive and well, in spite of that, it isn’t a universal belief.

You have to decide for yourself if you believe in folklore, superstitions, or old wives’ tales. This is one among many that span across the world!

Is it bad luck to buy yourself a wallet?

This superstitious belief is that it is bad luck to buy yourself a wallet because it should be received from someone else with money in it.

The belief that ‘money attracts’ money’ originated in Europe. The people believed that giving cash away in a wallet or bag would bring good fortune to the receiver of the gift.

Is it bad luck to put your purse on the floor? [Key Takeaways]

“A purse on the floor is money out the door” has a ring that stays in my mind every time I am looking for a place to set my handbag!

Are you a person this holds true for as well?

While all the world doesn’t believe in money superstitions, they are present around the world globe!

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