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Reviews of the top 10 best budget planner book options (plus an additional bonus planner) to keep you on track to meet or exceed your financial goals. These popular budget planners will keep your money organized by using simple tracking sheets.

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What You Need to Know

> Budget planner books have different features. For one to work for helping to meet your financial goals it is important to select the best fit.
> Creating a budget is the best way to estimate your total income and expenses to keep track of where your money is being spent.
> Budget books can also help you keep track of other important expenses such as shopping, entertainment, gas, travel, insurance, and home improvement costs.
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10 Best Budget Planner Book Choices

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Finding the best budget planner book to fit your needs and personality can be a challenge.

Some people think budgeting is a waste of time, and they don’t understand how using a budget planner can be effective in getting their financial goals in line with their spending habits.

They believe that budgeting only means cutting back on everything they enjoy in life, and so it’s better to just spend as much money as possible without worrying about the consequences.

Budgeting doesn’t have to be like that at all! In fact, that is not even close to how budgeting works.

Before we take a deep dive into the top budget planners and hone in the details so you know the one that will work best for you, we want to share our top pick, the Clever Fox Budget Planner.

What is the best budget planner to buy?

The Clever Fox Budget Planner is our top pick to take control of your finances and get on track for an awesome financial future.

It comes in numerous styles, layouts, and sizes so you can choose the best planner to fit your personal needs.

The following are just a few of the many choices to choose from!

We think this is the best budget planner because of its simple and practical design, making it easy to use.

The Clever Fox Budget Book will help you:

  • Set short-term money goals
  • Set long-term financial goals
  • Save money
  • Create a monthly budget you can stick with
  • Stop your bad spending habits

This budget planner organizer is also easy to carry if you want to take it along.

Budget Planners Included in this Review

There are a variety of styles and contents available when you go shopping for the perfect budget planner.

In fact, there are so many options you may get overwhelmed and just walk away and go home or log off of the internet empty-handed without choosing a way to track and plan your weekly and monthly expenses.

Let us decipher the details of the best budget planner book options so you can shop without feeling this frustration.

1. Clever Fox Budget Planner
2. Legend Budget Planner
3. Limitless Mindset Budget Planner
4. GoGirl Budget Planner
5. Erin Condren Petite Planner Book
6. Boxclever Press Budget Planner
7. DebtorEdu Budget Planner
8. Yanshi Budget Planner
9. Financial Peace Planner
10. Smart Planner Budget Book
11. The Happy Planner Budget Planner for Women (Bonus planner)

[Check Out These Budget Planners and Others]

What is creating a budget?

Budgeting is a way of estimating the total income and expenses for a specific period.

It can be done based on one month, three months, or even one year.

Budgeting doesn’t necessarily mean reducing the amount of money you spend on yourself.

It just means taking an honest look at your finances and deciding how much money you have to spend on all your living expenses so you don’t run out of money before all the bills are paid and before you get another paycheck.

Budgeting is important because it can help solve these money challenges:

Unexpected Financial Situations

Keeping track of your money by using a budget can help control financial situations that may otherwise get out of hand when there has not been prior preparation.

Less Stress when there is an Emergency

Budget planning helps to have money available when needed for emergency situations in the future.

Decrease Impulse Buying

Impulse buying can be another problem if a budget is not set up.

Knowing how much money you have to spend on unnecessary items and still comfortably pay the monthly bills can help you think twice before buying something you don’t need in the spur of the moment.

Build Up Savings Faster

The process of budgeting is crucial for helping everyone manage their hard-earned money wisely.

If you need to save for a down payment on a house or vehicle, retirement, etc., setting up a budget so you know how much money you can afford to put into a savings account can help you build the value of this account faster.

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Help You Stay Out of Debt

Budgeting forces you to plan ahead.

Instead of spending money as soon as it comes in, budgeters save a portion of their income every month so that when unexpected expenses come up they have the money to cover them instead of having to use a credit card.

It’s also easy to spend a lot on fun things when there’s no limit or budget set beforehand, and some people even put themselves in debt using credit on things they don’t need.

What is a budget binder?

A budget planner, often called a budget binder, can help you figure out how much money you have coming in each month, and how much money you’re likely to need for expenses throughout the year (money going out.)

That way, even if your income fluctuates from one month or quarter to another, you’ll always know how much money you need to pay your expenses each month until your income picks back up.

This budgeting tool can help you manage your money in the following ways:

Keep Stressful Financial Situations in Check

A budget planner book can make sure you’re never caught off-guard with budget shortfalls or sudden expenses.

Some budget planner books even have online budget templates that allow you to upload your data each month, which is a great way to keep track of everything in real-time and easily see what adjustments need to be made.

Breaks Your Spending into Bite-Sized Pieces

The budget planner books recommended in this post will help you break down your budget into manageable pieces month-by-month, and help you understand where every dollar is going.

They are also designed to help you make sure your cash is being used in the smartest way possible.

The best budget planner options usually contain places and sections where entries can be made regarding income and expenditure each month over a designated time frame- from 1 month to up to 12 months depending upon the type of budget

Track Your Spending Habits

A budgeting planner makes it easy to keep track of your spending habits and plan ahead for purchases in advance, so you won’t have to wait until the last minute or forget about budgeting altogether!

Tell You How Much Money You have to Spend

Budget planners help you decide how much money you can spend on different expenses, taking into account activities you do for fun, not just money spent on rent, groceries, electricity, etc.

Keeps Your Financial Goals Realistic

Budget planners ensure that your budget remains realistic and achievable over time.

The best budget planner books include relevant information which will help handle future situations such as unexpected bills and financial emergencies such as an unplanned hospital stay.

Another example, you’ll know in advance whether or not you can cover the costs of maintaining a car that needs repairs from an accident.

Effective budget planning is vital to anybody who wants to stay financially healthy in today’s world.

Free Take-Home Pay Calculator: Check out our free Wages Calculator to figure your take-home Pay (income after taxes are deducted.)

What goes in a budget planner?

Some people like budget planner books that include tip sheets and checklists for different types of expenditures such as travel, medical, home improvement, and insurance.

Budgeting is one way to ensure you don’t spend more money than your income, as long as you take it seriously and follow it.

Budget books should include space for categories that fit with your particular financial situation: shopping, entertainment, gas expenses, and other miscellaneous costs.

There should also be space provided for income earned from sources such as work (and potential overtime), child support or alimony payments, rental income if you have any properties outside of your primary residence that you rent out, income from investments, and other sources of income.

No matter what content you choose for your organizer, the goal does not change, which is to set up an effective budgeting system tailored to fit your needs.

There are a variety of pages that can go inside a good budget planner.

The key features to look for in a budget planner include:

  • Bill organizer/place for bills and receipts
  • Debt tracking pages
  • Savings tracker
  • Monthly spending pages

When using a budget planner just remember to take it one step at a time!

It’s not necessary to include every single expense on your first go-round; simply budget one category at a time until you’ve got all of your bases covered.

How do you keep a budget book?

Essentially, you keep a budget book by tracking every bit of your money that comes and, and track your expenses down to the last dime that goes out, using this planner.

If you stay consistent with entering information and your planner includes every aspect of your personal finance goals, it will turn into the answer to effectively managing your finances.

Because of this accountability factor, budget planners are generally more effective than budgeting on your own without any kind of tracking system.

It tells budgeters exactly how much they spend each day or week and it makes them accountable for their budgeting because everything has to be written down.

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How do I use my budget planner book?

You can look at your budget planner as a tool to help you keep your finances in control because when it is completed correctly and consistently, you will know where each dime of your money is being spent.

If they’re used correctly, budget planner books help budgeters to stay on budget.

Budget planners allow budgeters to see how much money they will have leftover at the end of each month, or if they are going to be in a shortfall with more expenses than income.

The budget notebook is used for active budget tracking so you stay ahead of financial stress and crises.

What is a good budget plan?

Many people avoid budget planning because they figure it’s just too hard or complicated.

However, with the right budget planning system and some practice budgeting can be fun.

Simply put, a good budget plan is one you will follow.

It’s the same as going on a diet to lose weight. There are numerous programs that are effective, but there may only be one or two that are effective for you because they are the ones you will follow.

If you hate going to the gym so much you dread it before you even put on your workout clothes, the chances aren’t great that you are going to go consistently, so you need to find a weight loss plan that doesn’t include going to the gym as part of the success plan.

Budgeting is no different.

There are numerous ways to build a budget, and as long as the key factors are met it will be a success.

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How do you create a budget plan?

Tracking how much money comes in over the month and then comparing it with how much is left over at the end of each month is the start of creating the perfect budget.

You can also monitor your money by the week, or even day (which I don’t recommend because it gets very tedious and you are likely to get behind and then give up.)

Tips for a budget plan that works:

Create a Budget within Your Means

While it’s tempting to set up an ultra-strict budget, it can easily backfire and cause you more stress than if you hadn’t planned ahead at all.

Make the Most of Your Money

Budget for every category of your expenses (including living expenses, entertainment, savings, shopping, etc.)

Align Your Budget with Your Objectives

The key to effective budgeting is to make sure that the money in your wallet matches the way you spend.

Schedule a No-Spend Day

Insert random days throughout the year where there’s no shopping allowed.

If you’re having trouble sticking to a strict daily or weekly spending limit, create a no-spend day once a week instead.

This will not only help budgeters stay budget-friendly, but it’ll also keep budgeters from breaking the budget in one big shopping spree.

Reviews of the 10 Best Budget Planner Book Options in 2022

The following reviews offer a great selection of the best budget planners.

We used our own insight, research, and real customer reviews to share the best options possible with consumers.

We are confident you will find one that is a perfect match to track your spending habits, control your cash flow, and grow your savings account.

If you need a user manual, many even include a budgeting plan to assist you.

1. Clever Fox Budget Planner

The Clever Fox Budget Planner comes in multiple formats and styles.

This makes it the perfect budgeting tool because you can find the perfect fit for your personal spending habits and run with it.

This Clever Fox Budget Book is designed as an all-in-one budgeting system to keep you focused on your financial goals, help you track your expenses both weekly and monthly, and keep your bills organized.

Whether you are working to pay off debt, build your savings, or just get your money in order, this planner has everything you need to keep you on track and help you stay motivated.

This budget planner includes everything you need to get on track with your personal finances and stay on track to build a solid financial future.

Key Features

  • Available in multiple colors
  • Comes in various styles
  • Two sizes are available
    • Large – 8″ x 9.5″
    • Medium – 5.1″ x 8.2″
  • A spiral-bound version is available
  • Pockets for monthly bills and receipts
  • Colorful layout
  • Stickers included


  • Financial goals
  • Mind map
  • Expense trackers
  • Savings trackers
  • Debt trackers
  • Holiday budget planner
  • Bill trackers
  • Bullet-journals
  • Monthly sections
    • Blank budgeting template
    • Undated calendar
    • Inspirational money quote
    • Recap/review of budget from previous month
  • Year-end summary
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • External covers are made of high-quality materials for lasting durability
  • The coil-bound version lays flat so it is easy to write in
  • Includes pages for short-term and long-term goals
  • Comes in 4 versions for complete versatility
    • Clever Fox Planner Weekly
    • Clever Fox Pro Planner
    • Clever Fox Daily Planner
    • Clever Fox Academic Planner
  • Money-back guarantee
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • More expensive than many other planners
  • If you mess up a page there isn’t a way to remove it and add a new one to start again

2. Legend Budget Planner

The Legend Budget Planner advertises as a goal planner, not just a financial planner.

It provides pages for you to stay organized, increase your productivity, improve your work-life balance, and build new habits.

Because the pages are not dated, you don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to get started.

You can start today and move forward.

This planner has room for you to set goals, track your progress in attaining them, and then brainstorm solutions to reach those goals.

There is also plenty of space for notes and reminders which keeps everything from getting lost.

Key Features

  • Available in multiple colors including purple, hot pink, seashell, and more
  • Cover material is faux leather
  • Comes in two sizes
    • Regular 9.9 x 7 x 1 inch
    • Compact 5.5 x 8.3 inch
  • Undated pages allow you to start any time of the year
  • Stickers are included
  • Pen loop
  • Embossed design on the cover


  • Instructional sheet
  • Mind map
  • Financial goals
  • Financial plan
  • Savings trackers
  • Debt trackers
  • Monthly
    • Budget pages
    • Calendar
    • Budget breakdown
    • Budget review
    • Notes
    • Expense trackers
  • Christmas budgeting
  • Regular bill tracking
  • Annual summary
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • High-quality cover for durability
  • High-quality pages
  • Comes in 4 versions for complete versatility Legend Planner Weekly
  • Legend Planner Daily
  • Legend Planner Pro Weekly
  • Legend Budget Planner
  • Weekly view shows a spread for easy tracking
  • Money-back guarantee
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • Layout of pages doesn’t flow well
  • Inconsistent when the weeks start – the monthly calendar view starts Sunday, the weekly calendar view starts Monday
  • If you mess up a page there isn’t a way to remove it and add a new one to start again

3. Limitless Mindset Budget Planner

The Limitless Mindset Budget Planner is designed to help you take control of your finances so you can achieve your financial goals.

This planner will help you:

  • Keep you money organized
  • Spend your money wisely
  • Start saving
  • Set and achieve personal finance goals
  • Manage personal finances
  • Help you follow a budget
  • Track your debts
  • See your payments and bills due at a glance
  • Expense tracking

Key Features

  • Coil-bound for easy writing
  • Multiple versions available
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Exterior cover is faux leather
  • Size is 9.9 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Calendar pages are undated
  • Stickers included


  • Awareness & self-discovery
  • Map out the journey to your goals
  • List your goals
  • Monthly view
  • Monthly reflection
  • Weekly view
  • Password keeper
  • Debt planner
  • Inner pockets
  • Savings tracker
  • Income tracker
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • High-quality cover for durability
  • Coil binding makes it easy to write on the pages
  • Each color has a unique color for differentiation
  • Bill envelopes are transparent
  • Pen loop to hold a pen
  • Elastic band is the perfect bookmark
  • Money-back guarantee
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • Layout of pages doesn’t flow well
  • Inconsistent when the weeks start – the monthly calendar view starts Sunday, the weekly calendar view starts Monday
  • If you mess up a page there isn’t a way to remove it and add a new one to start again

4. GoGirl Budget Planner

The GoGirl Budget Planner is an expense tracker notebook journal designed to help you control your money and grow your savings account.

This expense tracker will help you with the following:

  • Manage your personal finances in a simple and easy-to-follow format
  • Monitor each expense going in and out
  • Make budgeting exciting as you visually see great things happening in your finances
  • Undated pages so you can start any time without having to wait until the beginning of the year
  • Set goals so you have specific milestones to work toward

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a BFF this is one she would love without a doubt!

Key Features

  • Comes in a coil-bound version and bound version
  • Durable receipt pockets at the end of each monthly section
  • PU-leather cover with thick pearl white interior pages
  • Undated monthly sections
  • Includes stickers


  • Calendar and monthly goal view for each section
  • Monthly budget spread
  • Expense tracking
  • Budget review section for each month
  • Savings trackers
  • Debt trackers
  • Holiday budgeting forms
  • Regular bill tracker form
  • End-of-year summary forms
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • High-quality cover for durability
  • Spiral-bound version is easy to write in
  • Two-page calendar provides plenty of writing space
  • Positive and fun quotes throughout the planner
  • Multiple places to add personal notes
  • Choose from a variety of colors to fit your personality
  • Money-back guarantee
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • Budgeting categories are already filled in so they may not fit your exact plan
  • Bulky if you are carrying it with you
  • If you mess up a page there isn’t a way to remove it and add a new one to start again

5. Erin Condren Petite Budget Book

The Erin Condren Petite Budget Book is a financial planner and checklist designed to help you track your debt, spend less money, grow your savings, and reach your financial goals.

If you have been thinking about getting your life organized, there is no reason to wait any longer now that you have the Erin Condren planner to help you out.

It comes in several editions (Edition  3 bound style shown) and a variety of colors.

The positive quote on the front of the binder is a simple reminder of the importance of making a plan to be able to reach your goals.

If you carry your budget planner with you, this is the perfect size to easily slide into the side of a bag. If you are looking for something bigger with more writing space, the larger Erin Condren Planner in size A5 would be a better choice.

Key Features

  • Comes in a coil-bound version and bound version
  • Interior pages are made of thick and durable Mohawk paper
  • Built-in pocket for invoices, receipts, etc.
  • Size is 5.75″ x 8.25″ x 0.25″
  • Includes stickers


  • Month-at-a-glance for upcoming bills
  • Spending summary
  • Sections for monthly payments
  • 80 pages total
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • Designed specifically as a budget book, not a calendar
  • Portable size
  • Functional layout
  • Choose from a variety of colors to fit your personality
  • Money-back guarantee
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • Does not include a calendar
  • Not much room to write personal notes
  • Needs more stickers
  • Not enough pages for monthly transactions if you make a lot of individual purchases
  • If you mess up a page there isn’t a way to remove it and add a new one to start again

6. Boxclever Press Budget Planner

The Boxclever Press Large Budget Planner is a monthly bill organizer with pockets.

It doubles as a calendar with the 12-month undated pages that are included.

If your goal is to get your money challenges under control, or you just want to put more money in your savings account, this planner will help you meet your goals.

It is perfect for managing monthly payments, and the larger size offers more room to make notes and get a solid plan in place to create a budget and follow it with ease.

If you want to use a budget planner to keep your finances in check, the planner features exactly what you need to build a personal financial plan.

Key Features

  • Coil-bound so it lays flat to write in
  • Undated calendar for each month so you can start any time of the year
  • Includes 13 pockets to hold monthly receipts and bills
  • Durable hardcover
  • Satin ribbon for a page marker
  • Size is 9.45″ x 8.46″ x 1.18″


  • Monthly
    • Undated calendar
    • Income record
    • Debt form
    • Savings form
    • Day-to-day spend form
    • Reflection page for overview of the month
  • Christmas and extra expenses section
  • Year-end summary
  • Plan ahead section for next years’ goals
  • 120 total pages
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • Plenty of forms and room to record your financial goals
  • Large size allows for larger pockets to hold plenty of receipts
  • Simple layout to follow
  • Durable to carry with your
  • Multiple places to write personal notes
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • The larger pockets make it bulky and thick, especially as they fill up and if y0u take it along with you
  • Pockets don’t completely close so receipts can fall out
  • If you mess up a page there isn’t a way to remove it and add a new one to start again

7. DebtorEdu Budget Planner

The DebtorEdu Budget Planner is a comprehensive monthly budgeting journal.

It is designed to be your debt tracker, bill organizer, and goal visual all in one place.

It includes a plan for you to:

  • Save money
  • Set financial goals
  • Celebrate achievements
  • Pay bills
  • Manage income
  • Manage expenses
  • Visualize day-to-day spending
  • Balance your monthly budget
  • Track debt
  • Participate in a savings challenge
  • Determine the difference between needs and wants

This planner is loaded with the tools you need to create a solid budget and run with it.

Key Features

  • Coil-bound so it lays flat to write in
  • Available in white, black, beige, or gold
  • Hardcover that is scratch-resistant
  • Metal corners on cover
  • Developed by financial experts at DebtorEdu
  • Includes one pocket or bills and receipts
  • Undated pages allow you to start any time of the year
  • Includes stickers
  • Size is 8.5″ x 6.5″ x 0.5″


  • Monthly budgeting forms
  • Income tracker
  • Expense tracker
  • Debt overview
  • Debt repayment
  • Savings tracker
  • Money journal
  • 30-day no-spend challenge
  • Money goals form
  • Achievement form
  • Annual overview
  • Online order tracker
  • Medical expense tracker
  • Donations log
  • Check register
  • Bill account form
  • Form to separate needs vs. wants
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • Includes a large number of colorful stickers (150)
  • Designed based on research for what people need most in a budgeting planner
  • Plenty of space to write notes
  • Priced well for the number of pages and forms included
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • Limited colors and nothing bright and vibrant
  • Comes in one size
  • If you mess up a page there isn’t a way to remove it and add a new one to start again

8. Yanshi Budget Planner

The Yanshi Budget Planner will keep you organized with its capability to be an expense tracker, debt payoff planner, financial planner, ledger book, and budget organizer.

This planner is designed in a contemporary and sleek style and it will help you set your money boundaries to stay on track throughout the year.

It is loaded with pages of forms, worksheets, trackers, graphs, and more so there is nothing missing as you create a budget and track it each week or month.

Budgeting can be a daunting task to take on.

But, the Yanshi Budget Planner has all of the tools that you need to keep you organized and on track.

If you have a friend or family member who is passionate about budgeting or wants to start budgeting and make it a priority, this is the perfect gift.

Key Features

  • Leather hardcover
  • Thick white pages
  • Two expandable folders to store receipts
  • Money organizer for cash
  • Lay-flat Smyth-Sewn binding
  • Gold foil debossing on cover
  • Size is 7.75″ x 10″


  • Daily budget
  • Weekly budget
  • Savings tracker
  • Pay my bill tracker
  • Accounting ledger
  • Net worth balance sheet
  • Reflections forms
  • Transaction logs
  • Debt payoff tracker
  • Graphs
  • Habit tracker
  • Bill planner
  • 230 total pages
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • Focuses on habits
  • Entire household budget system
  • Includes pages for every part of the budgeting process and more
  • Bound cover is designed to lay flat for ease in writing
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • Does not include instructions
  • Bulky to carry along
  • If you mess up a page there isn’t a way to remove it and add a new one to start again

9. Financial Peace Planner

The Financial Peace Planner is included in the reviews because it is a staple for anyone that needs solid information to create a successful budget.

Designed and written by top budgeting guru Dave Ramsey, it will get your financial planning on point and working in your favor.

Keep in mind this planning book was published in 1998 so there is outdated information on the pages.

However, the concepts are never-ending and you can create a money foundation using these tried-and-true financial strategies.

If you need a specific budgeting planner, this is not the book for you.

If you need a supplement to assist you with preparing a budget it would serve as a perfect companion with any budget planner.

Key Features

  • Fill-in-the-blank pages for complete interaction
  • Covers the basic principles of budgeting
  • Simplifies the concept of creating and following a budget
  • Companion guide to the book, Financial Peace


  • How to clean up your credit rating
  • Assess your personal money situation
  • Determine how urgent your money challenges are
  • Understand where you are spending your money
  • Create a realistic budget
  • Get rid of debt
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • Walks you through each step of creating a budget
  • Written by Dave Ramsey who is one of the most trusted economic voices in the financial industry
  • Prepares you for a solid financial future
  • Recent version is not available
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • Recent version is not available (and it will not be published again)

10. Smart Planner Budget Book

The Smart Planner Budget Book is a budget planner organizer with calendars, a debt tracker, expense sheets, a savings tracker, and more.

This planner is designed to help you take control of your personal finances with a variety of forms and trackers to get you on track and keep you moving forward.

With this budgeting tool, you will be able to plan for the future and be excited about all it holds with your personal finances.

This book offers step-by-step planning techniques that will help you achieve your financial goals one day at a time.

Along the way, you’ll be able to spot trouble areas and turn them into opportunities.

The Smart Planner Budget Book is a perfect gift for family or friends that want to take charge of their finances and have a place to keep track of the results.

Key Features

  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Vegan leather cover with high quality and durability
  • Includes productivity stickers
  • Includes a pen loop to hold your pen
  • Strap closure to protect the interior pages
  • Silk bookmarks
  • Expandable inner back pocket for receipts and bills
  • Size is 8.26″ x 5.7″ x 0.75″


  • Debt tracker
  • Budget tracker
  • Savings & investment tracker
  • Interactive spending analysis with chart to color for monthly spending breakdown
  • Goal setting form
  • Expense sheets
  • Personal affirmations
  • Monthly calendar
  • 10 blank pages for spider mapping a plan of action
  • 10 lined pages for personal notes
  • 176 total pages
happy emoticon smart mom hq
  • High-quality paper for inner pages
  • Plenty of pages for notes and mind-mapping
  • Attractive and contemporary design
  • Pages are undated so you can start any time of the year
  • Cover is soft yet durable
unenthusiastic emoticon smart mom hq
  • Budget categories are pre-filled so they may not match your personal situation

11. The Happy Planner Budget Planner for Women (Bonus Planner)

The Happy Planner Budget Book is a self-guided budget planner for women.

It’s designed to help you budget your money and see how much of your income is going to essentials, goals, and wants.

The planner includes customized monthly, weekly, and daily pages with space for you to list out every one of your expenses, from buying that new shirt to paying the electric bill.

This planner will help you set personal financial goals, save money, and follow a budget.

The saying on the front “Girls just wanna have funds” is a fun reminder of the importance of budgeting and taking control of your money.

The cover is bright and cheerful in pastel colors.

Key Features

  • Undated so you can start any time of the year
  • Monthly and weekly calendar views
  • Monthly covers are laminated
  • Positive quotes throughout the planner
  • Dividers to go between each month
  • Spiral disc binding that allows pages to be removed and moved around to make planner customizable to meet personal needs
  • Size is 7″ x 9.25″


  • Dated calendar for 12 months
  • Monthly grid calendar
  • Monthly
    • Income tracker
    • Expense tracker
    • Remaining funds tracker
  • Bill tracker
  • Savings tracker
  • Account tracker
  • Debt tracker
  • No-spend weekly challenge form
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  • Pages can be added, removed, and moved around so it is customizable
  • Not bulky so easy to take along
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  • Daily pages are not included (only monthly) in the calendar
  • Must purchase additional pages, accessories, and stickers

Quick View Comparison Chart for Best Budget Planner Book

Best Budget Planner Book Options [Key Takeaways]

Choosing the best budget planner to fit your personality may take a couple of tries with trial and error to realize one just isn’t right.

Don’t become discouraged if this happens to you or it takes a while to complete the pages in your binder.

Budgeting can be difficult and it requires some patience and determination to see all of the budgeting steps through to completion.

Stick with it and budget for your financial success!

Keep in mind that although budgeting may feel hard, it is doable with commitment and consistency.

With budget planner books you can create a budget strategy that fits into your lifestyle and help you manage your money effectively.

The budget planners in this review are an excellent tool for anyone looking to begin budgeting or even those who are looking to manage their budget more efficiently, so I recommend getting one as soon as possible and start looking forward to a solid financial future.

And one more thing about budgeting . . .

Are you struggling with keeping your finances stress-free?

Starting a budget will make a huge difference no matter how much money you make. If you feel like you have your financial goals going in the right direction and don’t have a budget, that’s great!

However, just think about how much a budget could put even more of your hard-earned money back into your pocket!

The free Budgeting Basics eBook is the perfect resource to get your money under control or fine-tune it in a specific area.

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