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Target is particular in its minimum age requirement for hiring and does not hire anyone under 16. That is the short answer if you have wondered how old do you have to be to work at Target.

At 16, you can apply and work at Target stores in various positions, including cashier, stock worker, and cart attendant.

These fall under the category of an entry-level position, and you can work full or part-time, depending on your state’s child labor laws and the amount of free time you have to work.

However, you are not allowed to work at a Target distribution center or even apply to distribution center jobs or management positions until you reach the age of 18.

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Is Target a Good First Job?

Yes, Target is a great first job for a teen and one of the highest paying jobs, starting at $15 per hour and rising to $24 per hour.

Since Target is a massive chain with many employees, they can often be flexible with working hours. This is great if you’re still in high school or working towards your GED.

They also pay the highest minimum wage of all chain stores in the USA. And even at 16, you’ll have access to certain medical benefits once you’ve logged in enough hours and stayed long enough, usually a 3-month minimum.

If you’re interested in expanding your educational background, Target offers access to over 40 different college and university programs and will pay all fees, including books. They will even pitch in for Master’s and Ph.D. degrees.

This could save you tens of thousands of dollars and keep you out of college debt, which is an excellent reason to set the goal of becoming a target employee.

This includes all part-time and full-time “team members,” no matter how old you are.

There are also a plethora of Internships that are worth mentioning.

These summer jobs can count towards college credits or even fulfill some high school credits while still getting paid. You’d need to speak to your counselor for specifics on which internships can be counted towards your diploma.

Target Job Requirements for Teens

Like any job, the Target corporation has requirements for job seekers. First, you must meet the minimum age requirement of 16 years old.

The following requirements must also be met to be considered for a job interview:

  • Have a social security number or the correct documentation demonstrating that you are legally authorized to work in the United States.
  • Have a permanent address and contact number, this can be a home phone if you don’t have a cell phone.
  • Be willing to list your education and any employment experience on your application.

So have this all ready beforehand.

Note that you are not required to have any standard education certificates when applying for entry-level positions at Target; just don’t expect to become a manager without a high school diploma.

And lastly, Target requires that you be able to accept employment and begin working within 60 days of the initial application.

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How Much Does Target Pay?

Here is where Target shines as an employer. In 2017 Target announced it would increase its starting wage to $15 per hour, two times the federally mandated starting wage.

They accomplished this goal in 2020. And now they have recently announced they will again raise the minimum starting salary for all employees to $24 per hour.

That is more than three times the federal minimum wage, making Target the wage leader in all markets it operates in.

In addition, they’ve “beefed up” their benefits to further show their commitment to their employees by adding even more programs and lessening the requirements for others.

So now, even part-time workers, 16 year old’s included, that work a minimum of 25 hours can enroll in one of the many Target medical plans.

There are just not many places a 16-year-old can make that kind of money at a first job, let alone have access to a benefits package.

Target Store Jobs for a 16-Year-Old

Target, like many other large corporations, likes using convoluted job titles rather than simple descriptions for their titles. So here’s a guide to the most common jobs you can apply for at 16, what each title means, and its corresponding job duties.

Assets Protection Specialist

This is the Security Guard title Target uses. As an “APS,” you’re primary duty is to deter or stop theft at your location. This includes both shopper and employee theft alike.

Store Facility Technician

This job includes doing maintenance on the property, from changing light bulbs in the store to working on HVAC systems. This could be a great fit if you like working with your hands and not necessarily with customers.

Food Service Team Member

You’ll typically work with food or beverages in-store at their Cafe or Pizza Hut. This position will require you to go through additional in-store food handling training.

Cashier Team Member

You will work the cash register and deal with customers and payments.

Service Desk Team Member

You help people that have a problem with anything about Target. You really should be a patient person for this job.

Cart Attendant Team Member

Round up all the shopping carts on Target property and place them properly. This is outside work no matter what the weather is doing.

Bakery – Deli – Meat – Produce Team Member & Cake Decorator

You will be the person who cooks or prepares the foods sold in each area. You’re also in charge of displaying the items and answering any questions from customers.

Backroom Team Member

You’ll be working in the back of the store pulling merchandise and in-store restocking shelves. This is also called a Merchandise Flow Team Member.

What is the Best Beginner Position at Target?

The best starting position at Target has much to do with you rather than a blanket statement.

All job positions for a 16-year-old can be worked part or full time. All positions will have the same starting salary and benefits packages.

So really, the only questions should be personal ones.

  • Do you like working with people?
  • Can you handle stress well?
  • Do you like solving problems?
  • Would you prefer to work inside or out?
  • Do you enjoy working with food?
  • Do you like fixing things?

The best thing to do is write down as much information about yourself and try to narrow down your likes, dislikes, and personality traits, and find a position at Target that best matches them.

For example, if you don’t particularly like working in a hectic atmosphere or around many people yet enjoy working with your hands and tinkering and fixing things, then a Store Facility Technician could be a great match. In contrast, a cashier would probably be your worst nightmare.

Give what you want to do some serious consideration. You’ll be a happier person, which makes all involved better off.

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Does Target Hire Felons?

Yes, Target hires felons depending on a few criteria and is one of the better places to apply as a felon.

The company has completely taken off the criminal history question on their applications. While doing an in-store interview, it is against company policy for a hiring manager or any employee of Target to ask about your criminal record.

After you have “passed” your initial screening, the application, and the interview, and it has been decided that you fit the position’s requirements, the store will do a background check.

This is when the company will know about any convictions you have.

You will also be allowed to explain what led to your convictions and any extenuating circumstances that may be noteworthy and in your favor.

The company will then decide, taking your feedback into account on whether to hire you or not.

How Do I Get a Job at Target?

The main ways to get a job at Target are to apply online, go directly to the closest Target store in your area, apply personally, or go to a Target-sponsored recruiting event.

Either way, if you decide to do things, you’ll create an account on their website for further contact about your resume. So start there and see if there are any job openings you feel are suitable for you in your area.

They also allow you to sign up for alerts which let you know what jobs are available according to your criteria once they become available.

Once you have submitted an electronic application or handed in your resume directly at a store location, you just need to wait until someone from Target contacts you.

This is usually a request to do a video interview. This is more a “selfie movie” than an interview; you can get an idea of what will be required here. The video interview can take as long as 45 minutes, so get comfortable.

You’ll be asked a series of questions printed on the screen, and your replies will be recorded for Target to look at later. If they feel you did well and “fit” their criteria, you will be asked to do a one-on-one live interview with an actual person.

All of these steps can be tracked in your online account.

To prepare for your interviews, Target has created a helpful guide and even offers a downloadable PDF to help you prepare for the interviews.

With a bit of practice and understanding of what questions will be asked during the process, you’ll be as prepared as possible to get the job you want at Target, regardless of age.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Target Final Thoughts

Although Target has a minimum hiring age of 16, once you hit 16, it’s currently one of the best places to find your first job opportunity.

With the incredibly high starting salary and the company’s health and education benefit opportunities, working at Target can give you a great start and a foundation to work your way to even higher earning positions at their distribution centers.

If you want to get specific information on how much you would make yearly if you were making $20 an hour, we got you covered in this article, which may be close to where you would be working at Target.

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