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An Amazon Hub Counter is a package pickup and drop-off service available at select retail locations.

Typical establishments that have counter locations include banks, cafes, pharmacies, convenience stores, gyms, grocery stores, fitness centers, government offices, and department stores.

Amazon Hub Counters were implemented to facilitate the safe and secure delivery and return of online purchases, allowing customers to feel confident with their deliveries.

This is the best option for people who:

  • Prefer to pick up their order when it’s most convenient
  • Worry about Amazon packages being delivered when they aren’t home
  • Have porch pirates in their neighborhood
  • Don’t want a package left out in the weather, such as rain or snow

Plus, there’s no membership required – anyone can use Amazon Hub Counter.

amazon distribution center that sets up amazon hub counter locations

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How the Amazon Hub Counter Works

The reasoning behind using the Amazon Hub Counter is to set up your Amazon pickup in a way that makes sense for your day-to-day activities.

An Amazon hub works almost the same as any other pickup service.

To use this flexible pickup option:

  1. Place an order via Amazon.com or on the Amazon shopping app
  2. When you get to the product delivery option, choose the pickup location from the list available in your area
  3. Once the item is delivered, you will receive a delivery confirmation email that includes a QR code or barcode
  4. Go to the pickup counter location you selected when you completed your order and show your code to the Amazon Hub Counter attendant (they will scan the code to pull up the details about your order)
  5. The attendant brings you the package, and you’re on your way

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Amazon Hub Counter Eligibility Requirements for Use

  • Only items sold and shipped by Amazon can be delivered to Counters. Third-party items are ineligible for this shipping option.
  • Items may not weigh more than 33 lbs. or have dimensions larger than 36 (h) x 24 (l) x 24 (w) inches.
  • The order cannot contain items that require special handling.
  • The order cannot contain items for Release-Date Delivery.
  • Items must be available to ship within 24 hours.
  • The order cannot include Subscribe & Save items.
  • Hazardous materials are not eligible.

Also, Amazon Hub Counters does not have an additional fee or cost. If your shipping is free to your house on an order, it is free to select this delivery option.

Not getting free shipping with Amazon? Here’s how:

What is the Difference Between an Amazon Hub Counter and Amazon Hub Locker?

The main difference between an Amazon Hub Counter and an Amazon Hub Locker is that the former is located in a retail establishment where a store assistant will take care of you. At the same time, the latter is its self-service kiosks where you retrieve your package by entering a pickup code or the Amazon app on a smartphone.

Therefore, picking up Amazon packages is a bit different for each method.

Amazon Hub Counters

An attendant inside a retail business monitors an Amazon Hub Counter. When you pick up your package, the store associate scans your barcode before releasing the package. You do not need to present any identification. In other words, no ID is required.

Amazon Hub Lockers

The Amazon Hub Locker is a similar concept. However, they are self-service rather than requiring employees to assist customers.

Amazon Lockers are typically found in high-traffic areas like grocery stores, universities, and transit stations.

Follow these steps to use an Amazon Hub Locker:

  1. You select a locker as your delivery location when placing your order.
  2. Amazon Prime Now or Amazon Flex drivers deliver your packages directly to the locker, triggering an email or text notification to you that has a unique pickup code.
  3. Enter the code at the kiosk to open your locker and retrieve your items.

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How Long Do I Have to Pick Up my Package at an Amazon Hub Counter?

You have seven calendar days to go to a Counter and pick up your package. Within this time window, if you cannot pick up your delivery, the items will be automatically returned, and you will receive a refund.

When Does an Amazon Hub Counter Open and Close?

An Amazon Hub Counter’s operating hours depend on the retail partner’s hours.

The Counter is open during regular business hours as long as a store assistant is available to the customer for this assisted pickup option.

Can Items be Returned to an Amazon Hub Counter?

If an item meets eligibility requirements, it can be returned to Amazon at an Amazon Hub Counter.

Follow these steps to send a package back using this option:

  1. Go to your Amazon account and start an item return. Amazon will send an email with instructions and the required QR Code.
  2. Go to the Amazon Hub Counter with your item, the original packaging, and the return QR Code. Give to the store associate.
  3. The Amazon Hub Counter representative prepares the package for the return, including putting it in a polyethylene bag, applying a return label with the shipping address, and sending it back to Amazon.
    • Amazon does not provide packaging materials to the partner stores, so you must take your original packaging to the store.

Do Businesses Get Paid to Host an Amazon Hub Counter?

No, businesses do not get paid to host an Amazon Counter.

The profit of additional foot traffic, sales conversion, and Amazon.com exposure are far greater than the rent Amazon could offer.

How Much Do Amazon Hub Owners Make?

This is difficult to answer because there are many variables, such as the location of the Amazon Hub, the type of retail store it is in, and the foot traffic in the area.

However, Amazon’s exposure inside the retail location increases sales from people walking through the store.

How Do I Contact Amazon Hub?

The best way to contact Amazon Hub is by emailing hubsupport@amazon.com.

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How to Find the Nearest Amazon Hub Counter Near Me

Go to the Amazon Hub locator and enter your address or zip code to begin your search. Accessible areas will be displayed in the returning results.

Amazon Hub Counter Final Thoughts

The Amazon Hub program aims to streamline the shopping experience on Amazon. Although there are differences between the Counter and the Amazon Hub Locker, they both meet this goal.

The company aims to provide customers with more options when picking up their Amazon orders by creating a partner location in various convenient and highly populated areas.

Assign your Amazon pickup counter to the spots that make the most sense for your routine.

The Amazon Hub Counter is another way the company has catered to customers by making shopping flexible and convenient. It may be the best option if you frequently shop on Amazon and want an easy way to pick up your orders.

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