Do ATMs Ever Close or Are ATMs Always Open 24/7?

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Although many ATMs are open around the clock and accessible to customers 24/7, some ATMs close during the hours the business is closed because they are located inside the company.

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A popular question is, do ATMs ever close, or are ATMs always open 24/7? Customers will always have access to an ATM because most banks have machines accessible outside the building.

However, to find out if your local branch offers an ATM inside or outside, contact the customer service phone number to get the specific details of that location (or look when you drive by.)

Banks located in high-crime areas often put the ATM machine inside the building so it cannot be tampered with or even stolen when no one is around.

It is also possible a bank or credit union will limit the availability of their ATM for specific hours of the day to promote a safe environment for customers to handle their money outside of regular business hours.

Additionally, not all ATMs are connected to banks.

It is common to see a free-standing ATM kiosk in gas stations, convenience stores, bars, casinos, restaurants, or other places. This offers an additional option if your bank ATM is closed or not working.

Keep in mind if you use an ATM not associated with your bank, there will likely be a charge to withdraw cash.

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