Does Your Left Hand Itching Mean Money is Coming?

female hand putting change in piggy bank for left hand itching

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The superstition of your left hand itching has been around for many years.

It is just one superstition that has to do with money among many others that float around as topics of conversation or childhood playground rules.

When you were a child did you ever jump over every break in the concrete chanting the old wive’s tale, “Don’t step on a crack or you will break your mother’s back!”

Or have you ever turned around when you saw a black cat that was about toblack cat cross your path?

Or when you were cooking dinner thought maybe you should throw spilled salt over your shoulder at least one time?

If this sounds like you, some might call you a superstitious person.

Superstitions exist in various forms, from carrying a rabbit’s foot to mirrors breaking.

Superstition is a belief that does not have a rational explanation and is not supported by scientific backing.

It is the belief that whether the superstition wards off evil spirits, brings bad luck, or good luck, all depends on what a person wants or chooses to believe.

When the superstition comes to being luckier with money, most people want to believe!

I can’t even remember how old I was when I heard the superstition that if a black cat crosses the road in front of you that means bad luck.

However, it has stuck with me for many years and whether I believe it or not, when I see a black cat on the road it immediately pops into my mind!

According to a survey completed by Research for Good, over half of Americans, 52%, believe in superstitions, and only 22% think they are ridiculous.

If you’re looking for a medical reason you have itchy hands or an itchy left palm, hop down to the bottom of the article and read more on that topic.

What is the meaning of your left hand itching?

The short answer is it depends on who you ask!

According to some, the right hand represents the conscious mind while the left hand represents the subconscious.

Therefore, if you have an itchy palm on your left hand, it is a sign that things are about to improve in terms of money and finances for you!

The old superstition says when your left hand is itching it there is money coming your way.

As a culture in general, the thought is that money being exchanged is given to the other person with the right hand because it signifies good luck and a future filled with wealth.

The Farmer’s Almanac says otherwise.

It states an itching left palm means money is leaving your hand.

The Palmistry and Hand Analysis website is also in disagreement with it being a good thing, stating an itchy left palm means you are about to lose money.

However, they also say if you feel this itching simply touch wood by rubbing your left palm on it and you can stop the loss of your money. Interesting, isn’t it?

In Turkey, they also believe an itchy left palm means money is about to leave your hand.

What does the left hand itching have to do with the lottery?

man and woman celebrating ater winning moneyIf you could talk to Mary Shammas, you would get a completely different idea of what to do if your left palm started itching.

According to her, it means something completely different than compared to the Farmer’s Almanac, the Palmistry and Hand Analysis website, and the residents of Turkey!

Her belief was the left hand itching means money is coming, and she credits the palm itching on her left hand to winning a $64 million lottery jackpot.

Her story goes like this:

In 2010 when she was 73 years old, Mary Shamas was riding the bus home from an appointment and she got an itchy left hand. This wasn’t just normal itchy skin, but she had annoyingly itchy palms, specifically on her left hand.

The old superstition popped into her mind that when the left hand gets an itch it means money is coming your way.

She convinced herself she needed to take action so she got off the bus and rushed to the nearest lottery retailer and bought a ticket for that night’s drawing, which was a Mega Millions jackpot worth $64 million. She felt lucky to have her favorite numbers in her purse, 5, 14, 17, 19, and 24, which were the birthdays of family members.

As you probably guessed, she was the sole winner of the jackpot that night, which netted her $42 million in her share of taking one lump sum payment.


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What is the meaning of the right hand itchy palm?

Again, it depends on who you ask!

In Russia, if you have an itchy right hand it means you are going to get money.

According to the Palmistry and Hand Analysis website, they believe this same thing. They even go on to say not to scratch the itch or you will stop the money from coming into you your life!


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What are your itchy palms a sign of?

2 ladies holding a dollar billWhichever way you want to believe the superstition to be if your palm itches, it is probably right for you!

There is no question that if superstitions and itchy palms come up in the same sentence, there is going to be money involved in the discussion.

The real question is whether you will be paying money or receiving it!

If I have a left palm itching and I’m female, what’s the meaning?

You could use the example of Mary Shammas and believe that because she was a female, had a pesky left palm itch, and won the lottery when that prompted her to buy a ticket, that a female with an itchy left palm means money is coming.

The website Speaking Tree reiterates this concept that the itchy hands superstition changes depending on your gender.

They say when a woman’s right palm itches it means bad luck with money is on the horizon, and when the left hand has palms itch good fortune is coming.

If the itchiness is only on one finger, what does that mean?

ladies left hands with painted fingernails illustrated

If you find yourself scratching your hands more often than just an occasional itch or your left hand itches frequently, could mean more good things are on their way?

If there is no rash present on the palm or any other visible signs of an allergy, and you just can’t stop scratching your hands, superstitious people would say that your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something.

It’s not always easy to decipher what these signs mean though, so let’s break it down further than what the left hand itching means:

Thumb – Time

For most people touching or scratching their thumb means time.

They might be itching their thumb because they want more time to finish a project or wait some more before doing something.

Sometimes the thumb itchiness can also mean that a new chapter in life is about to begin or that you’re ready to move up the ladder.

Itching your thumb might just be a sign that you are feeling impatient and want things to move faster than they are.

Index finger – Hope

If this finger itches, it means hope!

Usually, people who have itching on their index feel like something great is coming their way and they have hope for the future.

Middle finger – Love

This can mean many different things when you have an itching middle finger.

Some believe it is a sign of love from others while others think it means more love is coming your way.

The majority of people however think that this itching means that there is love in your heart and you are about to find romance!

Ring finger – Money

Typically people who have this kind of itch think it is a sign that money is on its way.

However, if the itching happens on the pinky part of the palm that means unexpected money or winnings.

It can also mean the opposite though; for example, unworthy gifts or even selling something at a loss.

Little finger – Power

The little finger represents power but it could also be used to represent authority or respect.

Having an itching sensation when touching your little finger might just mean you want more respect or status in some area of your life such as work, relationships, or finances.

You might believe you do not have enough power and want to become more powerful.

If you’re having a persistent itching on your palm for no reason at all, try looking at what it could mean to you.

But make sure that the itchiness doesn’t come from an allergy or any other medical issues!

These are just general signs of what the different parts of the palm can mean if you have an itching sensation there, according to old superstitions, and that you can expect improvement in these areas in the near future.


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More money superstitions and tales

A spider in your pocket means you will receive money!

Place of origin: United Kingdom

illustrated brown spider with money superstition for left hand itchingPeople residing from Great Britain to the Caribbean Islands believe catching a brown spider, specifically a small species called Linyphiidae, will bring wealth into your life and you will never lack money again.

As if catching him is not enough, you need to watch the spider crawl across your clothing, catch it, then put it in your pocket for the magic surrounding good luck to happen.

More good news is if you find the money spider in your hair, it is a sure sign that riches will come your way!

I’m not sure if I would take the chance by catching a spider, let alone stuff it in my pocket!

Stop whistling in your home!

Place of origin: Russia

According to a Russian superstition, you better not whistle while under a roof or you will whistle your money away.

Decorate your home with the number 8

Place of origin: Japan

East Asian Cultures, along with Japanese numerology, have the superstition that the number 8 is a lucky number, and weaving it throughout your home decor will bring your good fortune.

Trees can create money after all!

Place of origin: Taiwan

bonsai tree superstition for left hand itchingThe Bonsai Tree is referred to as the Money Tree and Good Luck Tree.

It is rumored to bring wealth and prosperity to your surroundings and shower your home with positive energy.

The name ‘money tree’ came from a poor Taiwanese farmer that prayed for money.

After this prayer, he found an odd-looking plant and took it to his home. Others also liked it so he started selling the tree from the original seeds, eventually being coined the Money Tree because this poor man prayed for money and the Bonsai Tree provided it.

Ring in the new year with cash in your hand (literally)

Place of origin: Latin America

This Latino tradition old wive’s tale states you need to be holding cash in your hand before midnight on December 31 if you want to experience prosperity in the coming year.

If you aren’t holding cash and the clock is about to strike to 12, you better grab some cash quick (hopefully your own) and put it in the opposite hand you’re holding the confetti in so it doesn’t accidentally get thrown in the air and you lose the good sign of a profitable year!

Stop! Don’t put your purse on the floor!

Place of origin: China

According to the practice of Feng Shui, your purse is a symbol of wealth.

It is such a bad thing to put it on the floor because you are not respecting your money and in fact, doing the opposite and showing disrespect and disregard to it.

More so the credence to me in this superstition is that if your purse is on the floor it has a much higher chance of someone snatching it up without you noticing!

Bird droppings are a sign of good luck?

Place of origin: Turkey

It doesn’t seem logical to be talking about bird poop in an article about money.

However, in Turkey on the rare occasion you get pooped on by a bird more money is on your horizon.

This superstition even goes a step further and says to fully embrace the tradition you need to buy a lottery ticket on this same day.

I wonder if Mary Shammas forgot to share in her news conference that a bird had used her for target practice earlier that day?

Money attracts money

Place of origin: Europe

Did your grandma ever tell you that purses or wallets should always haveillustrated purse with cash money in them when they are given as a gift?

Giving money in this way will supposedly bring good fortune to the receiver of the gift.

Keep your toilet lid closed all times it isn’t in use!

Place of origin: Eastern Asia

toilet with lid open for left hand itching superstitionA Feng Shui belief, if the toilet lid is up the positive energy in the house can be released into the toilet and be flushed away when the toilet is flushed.

If positive energy, referred to as chi energy in the Feng Shui culture, is taken out of the home the prosperity will be flushed away with it.

Technically, this is another idea that stems from the practice of Feng Shui (although the concept pre-dates toilet lids by a few thousand years).

Hairy arms will make you rich!

Place of origin: Fictitious

When I was little I read the book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. At the time, I didn’t give a second thought to the superstitious reference when Jim told Huck that hairy arms and a hairy chest signify wealth and money today.

In recent years I thought back to this reference when Barbara Corcoran also referred to this superstition in her book If You Don’t Have Big Breasts, Put Ribbons On Your Pigtails.

A well-known real estate mogul and investor on the hit series Shark Tank, in this book she shares how her grandmother used this superstition to comfort her as a teenager.

Years down the road she said she was delighted to be able to correlate her massive amount of wealth with her hirsute arms.

If we could all experience the amount of success and wealth of Barbara Corcoran by having intensely hairy arms, speaking for myself I would take all the hair in the world!

Only pick up a penny if it is laying heads up!

Place of origin: England

When I was younger and would see any coin laying on the ground, my mom would stop me from picking it up if it was tails up.

In the movie Grease they would say, “See a penny pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.”

I guess that saying was more for the beat than the truth since not all pennies on the ground are good luck according to this superstition!

What do itchy palms mean from a medical standpoint?

If you are one of the 52% of the population that believes an old wives’ tale is true, it is still not recommended to ignore incessant itchy palms and wait for your good (or bad) fortune to hit!

According to Medical News Today, itchiness in the palm can be a chronic skin condition that needs proper medical treatment.

Often times this means you need more than just the daily routine of using an effective hand cream when you have a terrible itch on either your right palm or left hand.

It could be a skin condition that is easily treatable, or a persistent itch could indicate a medical condition that is much more serious. Some of the causes may be:

  • dry skin, cracked skin, dead skin cells
  • eczema or psoriasis
  • painful blistering
  • bacterial skin infections or fungal infections
  • diabetes
  • cirrhosis
  • nerve disorders
  • allergic reactions

An itchy palm could also be caused by local histamine release from primary inflammatory cells (mast cells) or immune cells such as basophils and eosinophils.

Some people feel itchy palms when they have a copper deficiency.

This would definitely be a topic to take to your family physician to ensure all questions are answered by a medical professional.

Final thoughts

As a general life rule, and whether you believe in superstitions or not, there’s something to be said for these universal beliefs.

But it’s up to you which ones you choose to follow if any at all!

Do you believe your hand’s itch foretells wealth?

If the brain believes a specific result is going to happen when you allow yourself to do something, there is a good chance it will become real, maybe even when it has to do with money superstitions!

The challenge with superstitions is they are passed through the years by word of mouth, so one never really knows if somewhere along the way it was shared incorrectly, and with just one slip of the tongue the premonition completely changed at that moment.

The perfect example is the confusion between the left and right itchy palm, which vary greatly.

Is it the left palm itching or the itchy right palm that brings money to your rescue?

The mind always has some kind of creative way of communicating with us and we should pay attention.

Although the message may not be 100% clear, remember when something happens or somebody says something to you, it may be possible your inner self is trying to tell you something.

If it’s not clear, ask and listen.

Rather than the normal tendency to push aside signs or even ignore them, consider taking the other side and believe there is always meaning behind everything that happens in our life.

Every now and then the universe will give us signs but what matters most is whether or not we choose to notice them!

As long as you aren’t trying to create left hand itches intentionally, maybe it would work for you like it did for Mary Shammas!

Or would some people just coin that as beginner’s luck?


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