Find a Cheap, Safe, and Clean Laundromat Near Me [Guide for 2022]

If you’re searching for a ‘laundromat near me’ the zip code locator will bring up all the laundromats in your current area. Get tips to choose the best location to go to, a list of laundry supplies to take, and how to save time and money to wash your dirty clothes.

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We’ve all been in the situation where we had dirty laundry to wash and hit the google search for a laundromat near me.

I’ve been known to hop in my car as soon as I found the closest laundromat near me, only to arrive and realize I should have looked at several options instead of assuming all laundromats are created equal.

What is the best way to find the best affordable, clean, and safe laundromat closest to you?

If you live in the area and need a local laundromat, it is much easier because you already know the best places to go.

However, if you are traveling in a city that isn’t familiar and have some clothing that needs to be laundered, it can be a bit trickier to find a place to do your laundry where you feel comfortable and that is affordable. I went through this scenario many times when I needed to wash my boys’ basketball and baseball uniforms when we were on the road for tournaments during their younger years.

Once you have the locations so you know how close they are to you, there are some key factors to look for that will tell you almost everything you need to know with just a little bit of research.

Of course, no research can take the place of seeing the laundromat with your own eyes, and sometimes it takes driving by to realize you made a good choice . . . or you need to go to the next one!

Keep reading to do a fast and easy zip code search to find the closest laundromats to your location, including how to find specialty laundromats like 24-hour laundry services, coin laundry locations, and more.

I will also share the top tips to do quick research so you can find the cheapest, cleanest, and safest laundromats closest to you.

Never been to a laundromat before?

No problem, we got you covered there too!

Get answers to the most-asked questions about using a laundromat so you are prepared to get your laundry done quickly and affordably as soon as you walk in the door.

NOTE: To use the laundromat near me locators enter your zip code in the labeled box then click the button that says ‘Find Laundromat Near Me.’ If the map doesn’t open in another window, be sure your browser popups are not blocked. 

Coin Laundromats Near Me

Use the zip code search below to discover laundromats in your area. Then, use the suggestions below to filter down your list until you’ve found the cleanest, safest, and most cost-effective laundromat in your region.

24-Hour Laundromat Near Me

Use the zip code search below to discover 24-hour laundromats in your area. Then, use the suggestions below to filter down your list until you’ve found the cleanest, safest, and most cost-effective 24-hour laundromat.

Laundry Service Near Me

Use the zip code search below to discover laundry service businesses in your area.

Zip Code Location Search Additional Information

If you used the zip code location search boxes above, a Google map should have opened in another tab.

You can use those results to research local laundromats to find the best one available in your area.

The map images below share how to do thorough research to ensure you end up at a clean, cheap, and safe location.

laundromat near me map example 1
laundromat near me map example 2
laundromat near me map example 3
laundromat near me map example 4

Keep reading to get detailed information about each of these steps to help you find the best cheap, safe, and clean laundromat.

The difference between a laundromat, laundry service, and dry cleaner

A laundromat is a business that has washers and dryers for rent. You go to the location and pay to use the machines to clean your dirty laundry.

A laundry service launders your dirty items for you. You can drop them off at the place of business, or many of them offer a delivery and pickup option to your location.

Most laundry service businesses also offer additional amenities, like pressing, steaming, or ironing clothes, treating common stains, etc.

A dry cleaner business launders clothing and other items utilizing a special process that uses liquids other than water.

Fabrics such as leather, wool, sequins, silk, lace, etc. can be damaged if the traditional washer and dryer are used to clean them.

Laundromat amenities

Before you hop in your car, what extra perks do you need the laundromat to have? Modern convenience has taken over, even in the laundromat business.

You want to check if the necessary amenities are available before you make your final selection.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting to the laundromat, unloading your car, then realizing that location doesn’t have something you need (or want) to get the job done.

The following list provides amenities that can be found at laundromats across the nation to give you some ideas to include in your research:

  • Free Drying
  • Open 24/7
  • Laundry Carts
  • Free WIFI (internet)
  • TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Convenient and Ample Parking
  • Vending Machines
  • Bill Exchanger
  • Plenty of Indoor Seating
  • Outdoor Seating
  • Sanitization of Equipment (completed by staff after each use)
  • Credit or Debit Card Operated (Coinless Payment Method)
  • Folding Tables
  • Children’s Play Area
  • Waiting Area
  • Contactless Payment Option
  • Laundry App
  • Self-Service/Full-Service
  • Attendant on Site
  • Top-Loading and Front-Loading Washers
  • Soap and Softener Vending Machine
  • Restrooms
  • Fold Service
  • Dry Cleaning Service
  • Laundry Experts on Staff

Tips to find the best laundromat

laundromat interior

1. Read the reviews

More than 63,000 google searches are completed every single second, which means a large number of these people are also leaving reviews about their experience at a business.

It is fairly easy to tell if a review is a rant or an honest experience to help others, so read what is said, make a determination which it is, and move to the next one.

If you start to see a trend you will know if the laundromat is worth checking out.

If you are seeing these words, you probably want to move on to the next option:

  • Old
  • Unsafe
  • Broken
  • Dingy
  • Took my money
  • Gross
  • Dirty
  • Sketchy

These words in the reviews are a good reason to give it a try if it has the other amenities you need:

  • Clean
  • Friendly
  • Affordable
  • Modern
  • Quiet
  • Well-lit
  • Roomy
  • Spacious
  • Well-kept

2. Check out their website (if they have one)

Having a current website is a plus, although don’t use this as a major decision if there isn’t one.

In 2019 businesses over one-third of small businesses still didn’t have a website. [source]

If the laundromat does have a website, look at the pictures, read the fine print, and see if you can get an overall feel for the layout and atmosphere.

3. Take notice of the location

Zoom in the map if you aren’t familiar with the area, and see if there are other businesses around the building.

  • Is it on a main road or street?
  • Is it easy to get to?
  • Are there any coffee shops you could easily walk to while your laundry is washing or drying?


The best locations for laundromats are in strip malls because they are typically well-lit, close to other businesses, and near to parking for entry and exit to the facility.

4. Look for patron photos

There will likely be photos posted by the management, even if there isn’t a website to visit.

This is a great way to locate any amenities or even basic necessities such as chairs, tables, trash cans, vending machines, etc.

You can also look closely for cleanliness, overflowing trash cans, laundry carts, restrooms, etc.

On many occasions, customers will post their own photos with a review. Look for the same things in their photos.

Be sure to check the date of the review and photos. If it is years back, there is always the possibility new ownership has taken over or a remodel completed, etc., making the photos irrelevant.

5. Make safety a priority

Be aware of your surroundings.

Important aspects of safety at a laundromat include:

  • Well-lit parking lot and surrounding area
  • Easily accessible parking
  • Easy access from the parking lot into the building
  • Well-lit interior
  • Attendant on site
  • Security cameras installed
  • No loitering or sleeping allowed on the premises
  • Surrounded by businesses other than bail bond companies, pawnshops, paycheck loan companies, etc.

6. Call with questions

If you don’t have all your questions answered after completing the research, give them a call to get more information and get any other answers you need.

Write down the name of the person you talk to in case you need to call back or misinformation is given.

Before you go

Verify payment options

If you plan to poke quarters into a machine, you need to have them with you in case there isn’t a change maker on the premises.

Verify soap and softener vending machines

If you don’t have stain release, laundry detergent, and fabric softener to take along, you will need to get some if it is not available to purchase on-site.

Avoid the busiest time

Laundromats generally have their highest traffic on the weekends, and often Fridays can be thrown into that mix, making the worst time to go Friday through Sunday.

The busiest time out of all days of the week is on Sunday between noon and 5:00 p.m.

The second busiest time is weekdays between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m.

The best time to go in most locations is Monday through Thursday during the morning or afternoon hours. Typically, the earlier you can go the least busy it will be.

Many laundromats report the slowest days of the week are generally Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Just be sure to check the hours if you plan on going at the crack of dawn to be sure it is a 24-hour facility.

When you get there

Before you go inside, take a quick scan around the area and make sure you are in a place where you feel secure.

Once you go inside, scan the interior:

  • Is overall cleanliness acceptable?
  • Is there trash laying on the floor or tables?
  • Are the trash cans overflowing?
  • Are the washers and dryers wiped down on the exterior and clean on the interior?
  • Is there dust, dirt, or paper on windowsills, floor, edges of machines, etc.?
  • Is the restroom clean with stocked toilet paper, soap, and towels or an air dryer?
  • What is the overall atmosphere feeling:
  • Are there children running and screaming?
  • Is a TV blaring?
  • Are the running washers and dryers make excessive noise?
  • Is the smell of cigarettes or marijuana (in the legalized states) in the air?
  • Is there a musty or dirty smell or is it pleasant with fabric softener being the first thing you smell?
  • Are dogs inside with customers?

Answers to common questions about using a laundromat

commercial laundromat with rows of washing machines

Why do people use a laundromat?

There are several reasons people go to a laundromat.

  • They may have a lot of items you need to get done quickly. Since the units are commercial grade they can usually fit into one load what would take 6-8 loads in a personal machine.
  • They may have an item that is too large to fit into a non-commercial washing machine, such as a fluffy king-size bedspread, comforter, etc.
  • They may live in an apartment without laundry services, or may just not own a washer and dryer set.
  • Their washer or dryer may be needing repairs.
  • Or something else!

It is likely at some point everyone will need to use a laundromat to wash clothes or other items.

Do you need to take quarters?

If you have verified the laundromat where you are going is a coin laundry business, or if you prefer to use coins, it is best to take your own and not rely on a change machine.

If you get there without quarters and the change machine is empty, it is a large waste of time in addition to a lot of frustration.

The best place to get quarters is at a local bank or credit union. However, oftentimes you need to have an account to do any type of money exchange.

The next place to try is a gas station, grocery store, or customer service department in a large store chain.

Other places to try are car washes with change machines, gas stations with air pumps, and arcades or restaurants with children’s games.


Do you need quarters and know where you can find a vending machine?

Put in your cash, hit the return change button, and watch the quarters pour into the change receptacle!

Do you need to clean the washers before you start your laundry?

Check with the attendant to find out how frequently the machines are sanitized.

Take the cleaning supplies necessary to wipe down the machines if they aren’t up to your cleaning standards, bleach has been used in them, etc.

What is a coinless laundromat?

A coinless laundromat doesn’t use cash or coins.

The machines will use smart card technology, or you can swipe a credit or debit card to pay for the use of the machine.

Can you get bedbugs at the laundromat?

Bedbugs can be loaded into a car and take a ride to the laundromat, then carried inside.

It is nothing to be alarmed about, but something to be aware of.

There are things to look for, as well as what to do if you find bedbugs.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency published a document on how to avoid bed bugs at the laundromat and what to do if you find them, which can also be downloaded for free.

Is it safe to leave your clothes washing while you run errands?

It definitely isn’t something I would recommend, even though the temptation to get multiple things done at once is an exciting thought!

If you decide to take your chances, don’t be surprised to find your items on top of another machine, in a basket, etc., if you aren’t back before the load finishes.

Before you leave take note of the time the load will be finished and set your smartphone timer to go off in plenty of time to return prior to the machine shutting off.

How much does it cost compared to washing clothes at home?

There are several considerations to get an exact breakdown between washing clothes at a laundromat versus washing them at home.

You need to consider the cost of the trip driving back and forth, the cost of purchasing a washer and possibly a dryer, and the lifespan of how long the units will last.

Of course, there is also the importance of how efficient the machines are which makes a difference in how much it costs to run them.

Depending on where you are using the laundromat, the cost to wash a load could be between $1.50 and $4.00, with the average cost being about $2.00. [source]

Does it cost extra to dry clothes or is that included?

You will pay about the same to dry a load of clothing, making the total cost to wash and dry a load around $4.00.

However, keep in mind commercial washers and dryers are typically much larger and can hold 3-4 times the amount of clothes as a noncommercial machine.

If you like to wash your clothes separately by dividing them into darks and lights to keep your whites from becoming dingy, try using Color Catcher and throw them all in together!

Shout Color Catcher Sheets for Laundry, Maintains Clothes Original Colors, 72 Count

It will save you precious time and money!

Do laundromats take cash?

Cash is still the most popular method of payment at laundromats, although the digital age is slowly changing that.

As machines are updated, coinless options are being installed.

Find more laundry shortcuts to save time and money in 178 Best Frugal Living Tips to Save Money in 2021

How to do your laundry at a laundromat

First time using a laundromat?

It isn’t a lot different than doing laundry at home. However, there are a few things to be aware of that will make your trip go much smoother.

Take your own laundry supplies

Not all laundromats have vending machines with soap, fabric softener, stain remover, etc.

Take your own along so you aren’t stranded without a way to do the job after you arrive.

It is also cheaper to bring your own detergent compared to purchasing at the laundromat, where you are paying more for convenience than the actual product.

What you need to take:

  • Laundry Detergent
  • Fabric Softener
  • Bleach
  • Dryer Sheets
  • Clean bags or hampers for returning
  • Hangers
  • Small bills for exchanger machines or coins (unless you’re using the Huebsch® app to make easy digital payments)
  • Entertainment (magazines, book, phone and charger, computer, etc.)
  • Snacks
  • Pre-sorted laundry
  • Color Catcher
  • Stain Treatment (if you haven’t already treated stains)
  • Old Rag (in case you need to clean the washers and dryers)


Purchase liquid detergent rather than powder, which will work best in most machines. Also, be sure to purchase HE (High Efficiency) laundry detergent to cut down the suds and get clean clothes with less product.

This will work even if the machines are older and not an HE machine (although most are if they are a newer model.)

Separate your loads before you go

First, check all pockets for change, business cards, chapstick, gum, and anything else you or your family stuffs inside pockets.

Next, separate your colors between whites, darks, and mediums. It will save you a large amount of time not to have to complete this step at the laundromat, as well as there may be limited space.


Want to have your clothes already pre-sorted without spending any extra time? It’s easy!

Check out #12 on this cleaning hacks list!

Pretreat stains before you leave home

The best time to treat stains is when you take off the garment and put it in the laundry to be washed.

However, if you wait until just before you wash your clothes, treat the stains before you leave so you don’t have to carry more than necessary into the laundromat.

You also have less risk of leaving it lying around and getting home without your stain treatment bottle.

Transport the clothes with a soft bag

The easiest way to get your clothes from your house to the laundromat is using some kind of collapsible bag, such as a mesh laundry bag, a canvas bag, or even a trash bag.

This type of bag will take less room in your vehicle than a hard-sided basket, the clothes will conform and push together, and it is also easier to carry.

If the laundromat is not coinless, take your coins with you

Don’t rely on the change machines if you are at a location that uses quarters.

If the machine isn’t filled, you may end up leaving the laundromat without clean clothes.

Use the correct machine

Most laundromats have different sizes of machines.

For example, if you are washing a king-sized bed comforter, look for an oversized machine rather than stuffing it inside a mid-sized unit.

Other bulky items should also be washed in the larger-sized machines, such as towels, blankets, coats, jackets, etc.

Inspect the top, inside, and all around the washing machine

What are you looking for?

First, you want to be sure the machine is clean and no items were left behind by the prior customer.

Second, you want to be sure bleach wasn’t used, especially if you aren’t a bleach user or you are throwing dark colors into the machine.

Last, give the machine a few taps on the inside to loosen any caked-on powder detergent or other debris left behind.

Before you dry

Clean the lint filter to speed up the drying process, after all, who doesn’t want to get out of there as soon as possible?

Check to make sure nothing was left inside by the prior customer. It is a terrible feeling to take your clothes out of the dryer and realize there was red lipstick or a pack of gum left from the previous user!

Don’t fill the washer or dryer too full

Your clothes won’t get clean if the machine is stuffed full, and they also won’t dry efficiently.

Either separate the load into two loads or check for the possibility of a larger machine.

Before you turn on the unit and start the first wash cycle

Since you aren’t using a machine at home with preset settings, make sure the water temperature and other settings are positioned to your satisfaction.

Fold before you leave

lady folding clothesThis tip will make you the happiest when you get home and all that is left is to put your clothes away!

It will also save you time later so you don’t have to iron the clothes.

Next, separate your colors between whites, darks, and mediums. It will save you a large amount of time not to have to complete this step at the laundromat, as well as there may be limited space.

Final thoughts

If you’ve ever had to go looking for a laundromat, then you know it can be really frustrating.

There are so many different kinds of laundries out there and they all have their positives and negatives.

Some may charge by the load but not offer washers or dryers that large loads require; others may provide all the features needed with no cost per use at all!

A laundromat is also only as good as its location.

You want it to be cheap and clean, but safety is also a top priority.

If you do the proper research and take a few minutes to select the right location, you are more likely to be happy once you arrive and get to work on cleaning your dirty laundry.

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