Where to Get Quarters: 12 Best Places in 2023

It isn’t hard to find quarters when you know where to go. Consider your current location before you hop into the car and head out. There is likely a place close to you that can fill your wallet with the coins you need and get you back on track with your day.

What You Need to Know

There are many places to get quarters; however, not all may fit your situation.
> If the bank where you have an account is located nearby, this is the best option to get quarters.
> You might have to make a small purchase if you try to exchange cash for quarters at many gas stations or convenience stores.
> If you stop spending quarters you get back after paying with cash, you will soon have your stash of quarters and won’t have to search for them.
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Is this a weekend you’re taking laundry to the laundromat and wondering where to get quarters to take with you?

Or maybe you’re working a late shift and want to be prepared in case you want to get something out of the soda machines or vending machines in the snack area.

It wasn’t that long ago we used quarters for all kinds of purchases instead of handing over a plastic card to make a payment. Where to get quarters wasn’t even a question because they could be gotten practically anywhere!

Then the coin shortage hit with the Covid 19 pandemic, and suddenly it seemed like quarters were nowhere to be found.

Whatever the reason, we still need quarters from time to time and want to be prepared.

However, before hopping in the car to run out to a bank branch nearby, do some quick research to save time. Not every bank or retail establishment offers customers smaller coin rolls or an entire quarter roll.

It isn’t as difficult as you might think to find quarters if you spend some time planning. They can be found in more places than you may realize, such as a nearby grocery store or car wash!

Paying with coins can be easy, convenient, and safer than other paying methods.

Sometimes you might also just want to keep change with you so it is available if you ever do need it.

Where to Get Quarters in the U.S.

The following places are the most reliable locations to get quarters.

1. Bank or Credit Union

A local bank is a great place to start when looking for where to get quarters.

If you are an account holder at the bank, you can simply withdraw your own money and ask for quarters to be how you receive the money from your account.

Another simple money exchange that can be made is by taking in your dollar bills and ask the bank teller if you can buy quarters with the cash (fancy talk for a cash exchange).

They will likely ask if you have a checking account or savings account, verify the account holder’s information, then let you get quarters with a simple and quick exchange.

On the other hand, if you are not an account holder, a smaller local bank is more likely to exchange cash for coins than larger financial institutions such as Wells Fargo or Chase.

The bank teller may ask you if you have requested quarters before and offer a one-time exception to help out.

If you need quarters often and don’t have a bank account at the nearest bank, it might be worth opening an account to maximize the efficiency of your time as long as you can avoid monthly fees.

This is one way you can get the benefits of account holders consistently.

2. Grocery or Convenience Store

Locally owned grocery and convenience stores are also great places when you need a few quarters.

Like banks, they will likely give you quarters in exchange for cash. However, especially at a convenience store, you may have to buy something for them to be willing to open up the cash register for you.

Check your grocery list before you go in, grab something small you need to purchase anyways, hand it to the grocery store cashier, get your quarters and be on your way.

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3. Discount Store

Stores like Dollar General or Dollar Tree are great options because customers often stop in for quick purchases and use cash. They are used to giving back change and, therefore, keep it available.

If they won’t exchange quarters for cash without at least a small purchase, grab a pack of gum, candy bar, or any cheap item, and then ask for all your change in as many quarters as they can spare.

Another option is to use a debit card for payment, request cash back when you pay, then ask for quarters versus bills for the change.

4. Fast Food Establishment

Fast food establishments are equipped with change for their customers that pay with cash.

If there is a drive-thru window, you can get a small drink and request quarters for your change.

However, it is better to go inside fast food joints and ask the employee working at the cash register if they can give quarters for change before you make a purchase. If they don’t have quarters available, they can tell you before you spend any money.

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5. Arcade

Arcades have evolved into a rare sight in the United States. However, they can still be found in many shopping malls and movie theaters.

When it comes to arcades, one of the most useful features if you need quarters and don’t have local banks close by is that they are a great place to find quarters.

Most will have currency changer machines that can dispense quarters in large amounts if you’re lucky enough to have one in your city.

They are not always the most convenient to get to because they are located in busy, high-traffic areas. Therefore, it is worth researching and calling the customer service desk before you make the trip and taking the time to find them inside a big building.

6. Gas Station

Gas stations are similar to discount stores in how they operate in relation to getting quarters.

If you are a paying customer, they will likely do their best to help you out, even if all they can do is offer a few coins.

Grab something small and request quarters as your change when you checkout.

Keep in mind you’re relying on the goodwill of small business people when going to locally owned gas stations, so be polite when requesting the change, and don’t ask for more than a few dollars worth of quarters.

Quick Win Tip

Gas Stations with Tire Air Compressor

Look for gas stations that have a place to air up tires. This is an option at many gas stations; these machines typically require quarters. Therefore, the attendants working inside the station are used to customers coming in requesting quarters to use the air machine.

7. DIY Car Wash

Car washes are businesses that revolve around quarters.

If you have car washes in your area, they are one of the places that typically still have change machines.

This machine enables you to feed money bills into the machine, then it spits out quarters in exchange for the cash.

Remember that this needs to be a car wash where you wash, not a drive-through car wash.

The other benefit to this option is that DIY car washes never close, so the change machines are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If they do not have a change machine on location, many will have a sign telling you where to find nearby change machines.

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Where to Get Quarters
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8. Laundromat

Laundromats are one of the few places where you still see people pulling out quarter rolls and loading up the machines.

Unattended laundromats usually have a coin machine installed for the convenience of their customers. Laundromats monitored with an attendant are prepared for people to exchange money and get quarters.

The drawback of going to an attended laundromat to get quarters is if you are not actually washing clothes in their facility they may not be willing to do a quarter exchange.

If this is the case, take along a load of clothes with you, then you’re covered!

9. Vending Machine

New vending machines take bills and then dispense the change in coins.

If you are in dire need of quarters, find a vending machine that has a snack or drink you like, push in a $1 or $5 dollar bill, then walk away with your change in coins.

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10. Large Chain Retailer

Stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens, Costco, and Sam’s Club are considered large chain retail stores. Major grocery store retailers are also in this category, such as Kroger, Whole Foods, or Trader Joe’s.

Other large chain retail stores like Lowes or Home Depot are also an option.

If you need items such as batteries or light bulbs, you can pick them up here, and if not, there are usually snack items to purchase next to the cash registers.

If you have technology items on your shopping list, choose a major retailer like Micro Center.

These stores have plenty of quarters at each checkout register and at the customer service desk.

Many Walmart stores even have a fast food joint and walk-up bank branch located inside that are willing to trade a dollar bill (or several) for change.

If you have groceries to pick up, you can make one trip and get your groceries, pay for them with cash and get quarters back as change.

Depending on what you need, you will probably need more than a few quarters, so when the cash register is already open, it is the perfect time to use a 5 or 10-dollar bill for payment and ask the cashier for extra quarters in exchange.

11. Pay with Cash Keep the Quarters

When my boys were in elementary school, they liked to get 2 boxes of milk with their school lunch.

However, only one box was included in the lunch price, and they had to pay 25 cents to the school lunch attendant to get a second box.

This is when I quit spending my quarters, and every time I got them back as change, I dropped them in a plastic bowl in the kitchen to send with my boys to school each morning.

Since that time, I have never spent my quarters. If I need quarters, I just go to my quarter jar and get some!

This would also be a great use of a piggy bank!

It’s continually replenished every time I have quarters in my wallet and empty them into the quarter jar.

12. Coinstar Customer

If you aren’t familiar with Coinstar, it is a machine that exchanges coins for cash.

These machines are located inside grocery stores, Walmart stores, and other retail establishments where there is a high traffic of customers.

The people using Coinstar want to get rid of their change.

If you have cash and can find someone about to use a Coinstar machine, it is worth asking them if you can exchange your bills for their quarters.

You don’t even have to make a small purchase to get quarters this way!

Never used a Coinstar? Check out how to find one and even how to use it for free here!

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Where to Get Quarters FAQ

Can you get quarters from an ATM?

Getting quarters at an ATM is impossible because all they dispense are bills.

Where can I get quarters on Sunday?

If it is a Sunday and you need quarters, try one of the options open on Sundays, such as a major retail store, gas station, or convenience store.

Where to get quarters during a coin shortage?

During a coin shortage, the best place to get quarters is at a bank where you hold an account.

Remember you have to plan ahead since financial institutions are closed on Sundays and many on Saturdays and Sundays.

Can I get quarters from Coinstar?

Coinstar machines take in change and dispense cash. However, a person using a Coinstar might be willing to take their change and exchange it for your bills.

Where can I get a $10 roll of quarters?

If any, there are very few places that roll quarters and sell them for cash anymore.

If you want a roll of quarters, you can pick up the paper rolls for free at many financial institutions, or purchase them in a large pack, then roll the coins yourself.

Can you get quarters at any bank?

You should be able to get quarters at any bank.

However, if you are not an account holder, they may only offer quarter exchanges to their customers.

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